Slots Angels Slot Game by Betsoft

The game “Slots Angels” is another themed slot game from Bet Soft. The game revolves around a fictional biker gang called the “Slots Angels.” The game has a lot of the traditional elements of a slot game including a game screen with three rows with 5 squares each that you can spin.

The first thing you’ll notice when you call up the game, however, is that a parody of the song “Bad to the Bone” is playing in the background. It has different lyrics this time which relate to “Playing some slots” instead.

The option to “Choose coin” is embedded in a gas station box. You can also select your lines and increase your bet per line. Each of these buttons is in a toolbox or a tipped over gas can. On the right, a man dressed up like a member of a biker gang is sitting on a bike. The front wheel of the bike is the “Spin” button. The “Max Bet Spin” button is under the main part of the bike.

After the initial parody song plays, you will hear some generic electric guitar music. You can control this with the sound button in the upper left corner of the main game screen. Each square in the screen shows a different type of biker, a shot of pool balls, a bar sign, alcohol, or motorbikes.

The goal is to match up at least three of any of these pictures in a row. The top of the main gameplay screen also shows what the current jackpot is at so you can tell how much you’ll win if it comes up. The multiplier will keep going up and respinning each time so you can get a lot of combos in a row this way.

Each time you win, the biker guy in the bottom right will react in some way. This is often by revving the bike, or by rolling back and forth across the screen. The highest general payout is for the biker with the glasses and bandana. If you get 5 of him in a row, then you end up with a 1500 payout.

If you get three bottles in a row, then you get free spins. This is called “Party Free Spins Mode.” The biker gang actually comes up on the screen in its entirety to cheer on the player during the free spins combo. Another feature is the “Darts Click Me” game. If you get 3 of these in a row, then you can choose one of the icons to get a prize.

Each win makes the center reel spin again. This is what makes the payout multiplier increase. If you get 3 of the lead biker symbols, then you also get a bonus round that involves a race. You can then pick which biker you think will win the race and you can get an additional payout if your biker wins.

You can win the jackpot listed at the top of the screen by getting 5 of the main biker symbols in a row while having payline 1 on max bet.