Mad Scientist Slot Game by Betsoft

The graphics for the main picture on the Mad Scientist slot game aren’t as three-dimensional as some of the other games from Bet Soft, but they do fit the feel of the game. The main character has square glasses, white hair and a button down white coat. You have the usual buttons with the “Choose Coin Bet” appearing on the left. You can choose between “0.1 and 1” for percentages of bets.

Information about your credits, bets, number of wins and current balance is outlined in a computer style display right under the coin bet button. Right under the main game screen you have the “bet per line” button which looks like a pour glass with purple liquid inside. Next to that is the “select lines” button that looks like a beaker with green liquid. Then you have your ”max bet” button that’s on a circular glass sphere with red liquid inside.

When you’re ready, you can hit the “Spin” button that’s connected to some kind of electric machine. When you win, the game screen shows an electric connection between the three or more symbols that connect. The wild card is the chalkboard with mathematical formulae on it.

You’ll hear an electric sound every time you hit the spin button. You can check the payouts with the link in the top right corner of the screen. The most you can win for general line payouts includes 5000 credits for getting 5 of the electric balls in a row.

If you get three scattered bonus feature icons, then you end up with a second bonus screen feature. This comes from getting three or more switches in any position on the reel. There’s also a biological hazard sign icon that gives you 175 credits instantly. If you get the “Wild’o’Cution” icon then you can get all icons turned directly into 5 wild icons in a row.

If you get to a bonus round, you can help the scientist test his “turn-to-gold” serum. The way this extra screen works is that you start out by selecting four objects of those that come up on screen. Then, the scientist will drop his serum onto each icon. The icon will turn into bronze, silver, or a form of pure gold. Once this happens to each object icon, you’ll get a full tabulation of all of your winnings from the bonus round. At this point, you’ll be returned to the main game screen.

Overall, the game is one of the smoother plays out there because the animations are all simple. It won’t take a lot of computer power to keep it rolling. There are sound effects, but there’s no music playing during gameplay. The scientist character does clap when you win, but he doesn’t really do anything else during gameplay.

People who like a more simplistic gameplay style will appreciate this game the most. It plays quickly due to the lack of pop up events for every win you get. Everything is tabulated quickly which lets you keep going and going.