House of Fun Slot Game by Betsoft

Get ready for the spookiest slots game online with House of Fun. It’s fun, suspenseful and full of surprises at every turn! The storyline you’ll be in follows Jane, Paul and their dog Chip as they enter a house full of creepy findings. One of the greatest things about this game is the animations. It’s like being inside your favorite scary movie. In addition to the awesome graphics and animations and neat sound effects, you’ll find some cool on-reel features as well.

All about House of Fun with BetSoft

There are thirty pay lines and five reels in this game. You’ll be with Jane, Paul and Chip the dog on this adventure. While driving on some back roads, Jane and Paul’s car breaks down. There are forced to enter this house of horrors in the forest. Your goal is to get them out. When betting, the coins you choose might be anywhere from two to fifty cents. When it comes to the jackpot, you should be looking for the highest paid character, and in this case, that will be the fat man who is wearing a bright green evening gown. There is also a blue dwarf who is truly evil, and he is worth a lot too. 750 coins is the highest possible jackpot in the game.

Symbols and features in the game

There are some pretty fun symbols in House of Fun, so get ready. First, you’ll have some basic symbols like antique mirrors, old portraits of people and some other household items like boxes, doorknobs and candles. But there are also some fun and unique characters as well. You’ll be able to see the blue-suited evil dwarf, an old man who is a grave digger, a winged dog statue, a skinny man who has a violet colored hat and of course, the Chesire Gat. The colors and graphics on all the symbols are truly magical as well.

In terms of bonuses, Mad Click Me can assist you in making it to the largest jackpot. This is the man who has a purple hat. Bonus games are handed out if you’re able to find a door handle along with three of the key characters, and there is a final escape bonus round. Here, you need to help the main characters escape the House of Fun.

All About the Interface

BetSoft created House of Fun. The appearance may be rather odd to some at first, but it’s truly an enjoyable and kooky game. This is especially true for lovers of horror films and spooky TV shows.

As far as the interface goes, it’s fairly simple to use and straight forward. Upon playing the game, you’re going to see some key buttons. First, you have the spin button, and this starts the rotation of the drum. Next, you have your maximum bet button. This will allow you to place your largest bet possible. You will also have a button for selecting a bet for each line and a button for selecting the pay line of your choice.

Where can you play House of Fun online?

The slots game House of Fun can be played on the BetSoft Gaming website. This is a product of BetSoft and one of their finest and funnest creations.