Barbary Coast Slot Game by Betsoft

The “Barbary Coast” game is from Bet Soft and so it has the typical format. Once you first start the game, you get shown a video about the game. Essentially it’s about pirates that are searching for gold.

The game is playing an adventure style pirate song in the background on repeat. You can also hear the sound of birds on occasion. If you listen closely you will also sometimes hear waves. The “Bet Per Line” and “Select Lines” buttons are on barrels. When you click on one of these buttons the barrel shakes and you hear a sound of a barrel shaking.

Each time you click the “bet per line” you can see a different series of lines appear across the 5 pictures on the gameplay screen. If you match up three images in a row across any of the lines, you win the multiplier based on that picture. For example, three treasure chests in a row might equal 150 credits.

Every time you click on the button for spinning you hear a musical stab and then banging noises as each of the square locks into place. The images might be of treasure chests, pistols, gold coins, a compass, a cannon, a rum barrel, various different pirates or a woman.

The spin barrel has a tap on it like a rum barrel. You can also click on “Max Bet Spin” which is in the shape of a cannon with a cannonball coming out of one end. By clicking on the link in the top right corner of the screen, you can view the line payouts.

For example, if you get three images of a woman in a row, it’s a 500 credit standard payout. This goes up to 1500 for 5 in a row. Each line pay is multiplied by a line bet as well. If you get 3 parrots on the reels anywhere, you get free spins and instant bonus credits. You can’t get anything else during the 3 parrot event, however. If you get a cannon symbol right in the center reel, you’ll get a wild reel feature.

If you get 3 images of the main character, “Ben Sawyer” with his red bandanna, you get instant bonus credits just by clicking on them. Another interesting feature that the game has if when you get 3 symbols for captain Blackbeard that come up on an active pay line. This brings you right to a fight bonus. You can then fight Blackbeard with a sword to try to get more credits instantly. This also triggers a story sequence where you can rescue a maiden.

This is definitely a game that has a lot of bonus challenges. There’s another one called the “Grog” challenge where you can get 3 workers on a pay line to start the grog challenge. You can then try and out drink the pirate onscreen in order to get bonuses.

The game is fun to play and anyone who is a fan of pirate style media and slots will enjoy it.