At The Movies Slot Game by Betsoft

If you want to play a simple slots game without all the bells and whistles, then this game is it. There is some solid animation and pretty decent 3D. The colors are vivid, and the music sounds like something you hear at an awards show. The reel has a backdrop of a movie theatre marquee with the all lights, and the name of the game ‘At The Movies’ in the middle. The sound off and view pays are on either side. There was no way to adjust the music, which is what I wanted to do after ten minutes in. That’s because the game was pretty simple.

In addition, there is not much action in the way of big payouts. However, I did start to win from the beginning. After about 20 minutes of play, I won eight free spins. The game takes you to a theatre auditorium and the reels start to automatically spin the free spins. It was easy to see how many spins you had left, because there was a counter on the bottom right screen. You could also see the winnings add up at the top of the screen. I only won 20 credits. A look at the pay table shows the possibility to win huge payouts. But, it never really happened.

This game has 25 pay lines and the maximum bet is $1 per line. The pay lines are from left to right. According to the pay table, there should have been multipliers but I never got any. You can start with two cents and work your way up to the dollar, which is what I did. I thought that if my bet was the maximum, the action would get hotter. But, that did not quite work out. The biggest pay out comes with five Oscar statue icons. I got three during the time I played. This win earned me 200 hundred credits.

The lower game icons include a heart, space ship, the creature with teeth, and a yellow stripped creature, which all came up often. The hearts are only worth five credits for three and ten credits when you get four or twenty credits when you get five of them. I kept getting a ton of those. From time to time, I would get the wild scatter icon, which was a picture of the projector. The game paid 50 credits for two of them. The other wild icon was two masks. When I won those, they would spin. I never got the popcorn after an hour of play. The initial fun balance is $1000 dollars, but you can run out pretty quickly, because the low paying icons keep coming up. There is no progressive jackpot either. The only real bonuses are the free spins with the projector icon.

Like I said earlier, this is a really basic game with good color and some animation. The reels are three layers with five icons across. But, the play will put you to sleep. If you want to chill, then turn off the music for this game and hit the auto play button. Maybe this will have better luck than you pushing it yourself. I do not know because I did not try it. Because it is so slow, I probably will not be playing this game again.