A night in Paris Slot Game by Betsoft

I enjoyed playing this game. The plot is realistic with a thief trying to steal priceless items from a Paris museum. The graphics and 3D are exceptional as the characters move with an agility that makes them seem real. The animation has the characters run, creep, or slither around each scene. The backdrop for the reel is in a park in front of a bench with French music. The police character and his dog are on the right side. The policeman has on shades at night and cheers you with every winning spin. The dog gets in on the act with flips and barks.

This game has a progressive jackpot that can be won when you get five icons of the policeman. However, three of the symbols have to land on the first three reels. The icons for this game all pay well. The thief pays 1500 credits for five icons; the dog pays 1250 credits with five credits, a couple holding hands pays 1000 credits. The rest of the icons include two love birds, a vase, the Eiffel Tower, a statue, and a plate with two croissants. The credit payouts range from 750 to 250 respectively for each icon mentioned. The reel has 30 pay lines with coin denominations from two cents to $1. The reels are set-up in three stacks with icons over five reels. There is an auto play feature available as well. You can set it to the number of spins, lines to bet on, and the denomination size of the bet for each spin. I won tons of bonuses during the auto play feature. For example, I hit the jackpot along with other winning lines for a total of 2750 credits.

There are other bonuses to win including a combo with the thief, police badge and the police icon at the same time. This bonus also works with the combo in the reverse order. It is a multiplier that makes the win attached to it explode. The police badge is the scatter in the game. If you get three or more of these, you get five free spins called the chase free spin. The animation with this bonus kicks into high gear. With each spin the thief is being chased across the screen by the dog and the policeman. At the end of the five spins, you can hear the policeman slapping and punching the thief off-screen. The policeman appears and walks from the left to the right side of the screen and tosses the thief into the air. During the chase, the dog bites the thief on the bottom. This part was quite hilarious. I got to see this animation a few times because the badge icons pop up often. There was another bonus called the second chance, which consisted of three portraits of Napoleon. The reel changes to a room in the museum. You have a choice to pick a vase, picture, or statue to see how many free credits can be won.

This was a good game filled with a jackpot and bonuses that can easily be won. I won all of them during the couple of hours of play. In addition, I started with the default 10,000 credits and won up to over 25,000 at one point before I lost down to 21,000 credits and stop. I would recommend this game for players who love great animation, a jackpot and big payouts.