EcoCard Review

EcoCard is an effective way to transfer money online. Here are a few reasons why many people consider it a primary method for transferring funds when it comes to needing that function on gambling sites.

Easy Sign Up

No one likes to go through a signup process that takes forever and ever. Not only is it wasteful to have to go through screen after screen, but it’s also often frustrating. Many sites online say that signing up for EcoCard is one of the easiest procedures for sites of this type online.

All you have to do is go to their site and then click on the appropriate signup link. Next, you fill out a few pieces of information in the various forms. This is just basic stuff such as your name, where you live, your cell number and so on. You’ll also need a screen name and a password to go with it.

This screen will also need you to pick what type of currency you’ll be using and other means of payment such as credit cards. The system at EcoCard is fairly automated and it should only take a minute or two for the site to verify that everything you’ve entered is the truth. Once this happen, you just have to click through a verification email and you are all ready to go.

You don’t have to spend a long time worrying about extensive credit checks. You won’t have to worry about talking to someone on the phone endlessly. There won’t be any need for you to have a lot of back and forth with a live person on email or in any other capacity. You just get verified automatically, and then you’re ready to go.

Wide Variety of Payment Options

Another problem people often have with online payment services is that the amount of funding options are so limited. EcoCard doesn’t seem to have this issue. They let you pay with any number of credit cards and debit cards, or with a standard bank wire, or with a standard electronic funds transfer.

In fact, you can even withdraw money right from your bank account or an ATM machine by using your EcoCard. This makes for a level of convenience considerably higher than many other approaches.

The card additionally makes it so that you can’t actually incur debt on the card. It will only use funds that have been added to it. Other systems might grow more and more of a negative balance on your account that can make things complicated, but EcoCard doesn’t have this particular problem.

You also don’t have the problem where you have to go through a lot of extra steps to handle international payments. Instead, the card can handle these payments for you. It can do complete processing for international currency in any direction, regardless of the type of currency.

Anonymity is another important aspect of payment versatility, and Ecocard helps you with this as well. You can use the card to make anonymous payments under any type of situation that you choose.

Free Stuff

One thing that’s nice with EcoCard is that it doesn’t cost anything to sign up. You can just do this completely for free. You also get strong security after signing up, all for free.

Additional Considerations

The fee for using the card is fairly standard. You pay a few percentage points on Electronic Funds deposits, and withdrawals will cost you a set amount of money. Switching from one card to another is also going to cost a fee, though this fee will be less.

You can also gain access to your EcoCard account using mobile solutions such as iPhone as well. This makes it a good option to try out when you’re on the road. The mobile option also helps if you just prefer to do business using a mobile medium rather than a more standard one like on a desktop computer.

This system is used by quite a few online gambling sites. This means that you won’t have to switch from one payment solution to another that often if you want to use these sites with EcoCard. This is another advantage of going with the system.

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