Gabling via online showed up in the mid-1990s where people could go overnight gambling and without caring about individual protection and rights. As time went by, more swindlers appeared in the scene and a real problem with players set of their wounded shoulders. When the online participants started swapping unbelieving stories about how they were being ripped off their money, the company noticed an abrupt drop of new customers. This made the industry to adapt to other new measures to counter this misery.

It is until 2002 when Microgaming Company and took necessary steps towards stopping this drastic loss and players dropping off the game. The reason as to why burst at the scene is that this company is the most high rated and recognized online casino machinist. Microgaming has also significant qualities upon such kind of situations. It distributes internet casinos with related software that runs online gambling. These two companies found themselves in a real war situation fighting off swindling and depravity that is unmoved and thus both merged and formed one organization called e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

As the acronym suggest, eCOGRA is a London-based agency that was founded in 2003 to operate internationally as an approved agency to protect online casinos players and members. Their core mandates are to provide players with necessary information that their members are supposed to stick on so that there could be a fair play amongst players for good accreditation. Any online gaming that meets eCOGRA standards are awarded with Free and Fair seal that always displays in every online awarded gambling Company website. As a results, the eCOGRA ensures that casino members behave with honesty and absolute transparency.

For any member of eCOGRA to continue operating, the company itself should be regularly audited by a 3rd party organization that has been approved and entrusted by eCOGRA Company. For that reason, any player interested with any online casino should visit eCOGRA website and see how that certain company has been recommended by auditors. Their reviews are everywhere in eCOGRA homepage.

The formed rules of e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance require that a member of online casinos may not by any chance use illusive language in their advertisements to entice players to join. Rules also states that casino should have all industry-recognized agencies set in place to safe guard the personal information of their players. In other words gaming should provide with honesty operation and day-to-day operations should ever be monitored closely. Through that way, players should easily collect their winning without any contradicting and deceptive procedures. On top of that, the online gambling principal operator is ever keen to ensure that there is a good reputation with casinos.

The e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance has played a big role in ensuring that players’ confidence has been boosted because at the beginning player perceived that the industry was existing to exert powers and benefit only its members. Nowadays any player who wants to play he or she does so with full confidence and with a lot of peace in mind. This means that e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance fully provides with resolution for disputes between casino and is members as their primary function to all online casinos. If in any way a dispute will trigger that cannot be resolved and its between eCOGRA certified casino and the player, this matter can then be forwarded to eCOGRA for further clarification and relief since they are the final resolution for any online casino dispute.

When the matter reaches at the top most offices of eCOGRA the investigation and justice are always executed by the officials. If need be the eCOGRA normally provides with all legal representation for that certain aggrieved player. Basically, the eCOGRA produces annual report for every financial year. This one includes the list of forwarded grievances they have received within that particular financial year. They also distribute those disputes their websites explaining how they resolved.

The eCOGRA is administered by a board consisting of the top most players within the online casino industry. At the moment, the top most executive officer are Mr Andrew Beveridge, Mr John Anderson who represents, Oliver Eckel as representative of Australian Gambling Giant Bwin, Roger Raatger who represents Microgaming organization. There are also other several independent directors who have enough experience in gaming industry. These other directors are there to ensure that online gambling organizations are adhering to eCOGRA’s strict instructions and lofty standards of protecting players and access whether they do qualify for Free and Fair seal.

Independent directors are currently represented by Willium Henbrey who is the former Head of Gaming Services at BDO accountancy, Willium Galaston who has served in UK Gambling Board as the Chief Inspector, Frank Catania who is the former Gaming Enforcement Division Director of New Jersey and Mr Michael Hirst the former employee of Ladbrokes. This great leadership has reinforced the operation of online casino to be exceptional. It has continued growing to greatness and today its members have hit up to 20 the chief players of the online gambling sector. As many as 100 online casinos bear approved eCOGRA Free and Fair seal so to inspire confidence to players whenever they see the seal because this seal serves as the symbol of trustworthy.

Since its beginning in 2002 eCOGRA has improve the operations of online pokers industry and online casinos. This has been accomplished by setting a high benchmark for both sectors to ensure that members and players rights are ever protected and respected by all means. Before any player step into online gaming, he or she must confirm with lobby of the casino if they have Free and fair seal. As at now, there are over 126 online pokers and casinos’ rooms that bear the seal and for that one, they are considered as the best business of online casinos

Recently, the press release through eCOGRA announced that it has expanded its prospect to other systems of online gambling. It sole monitoring and testing services has now covered online sports’ betting, online bingo halls and live gambling activities. On the other side, players’ protection services have also been protracted to mobile gambling, live gambling, affiliate activities, sports books and online bingo.

For proper transaction of online casinos and online pokers to continue or to start, the first qualification is to get the eCOGRA seal of approval. This is an accreditation towards the safety of members and players. For seal to be functional and valid there should be an incessant appraisal by the eCOGRA.