If you’ve played at many casinos and received bonus money, you may have noticed there are two main types of bonuses. The first is called a sticky bonus. The second is referred to as a cashable bonus. Both of these types of bonuses can have great value to the player but the differences need to be understood to avoid frustration and running afoul of the casino’s terms and conditions. Also, you will frequently encounter hybrids and variations of these two broad categories. At any rate, it’s important to always understand the terms and conditions attached to any bonus which you accept. In many cases, both cashable and sticky bonuses will have certain amounts of wagering or other restrictions as a condition of cashing out. This can often include not just cashing out bonus money but cashing out any winnings. We’ll break down the main differences between sticky and cashable bonuses.

Sticky bonuses

Sticky bonuses cannot be withdrawn, they can only be played. This means that if you deposit $10 and receive 10 additional dollars in bonus money you can then wager up to $20 on any bet. If you bet the entire $20 on, say, one hand of blackjack and win, you will then have a total of $40 in your casino account. However you will only be able to withdraw a total of $30. This is because the original $10 bonus can never be withdrawn.

To the uninitiated this can seem like a bum deal, particularly when there are large wagering requirements attached to the bonus that prevent the player from withdrawing any money prior to those requirements being met. But in truth, these can be some of the most valuable bonuses available precisely because they have lower wagering requirements. The trick to extracting value from sticky bonuses is to play them aggressively. Pick a target of at least two times your starting balance and keep making large bets until you hit it or bust out. Once the target is reached, reduce to the smallest bet allowed for the rest of the wagering.

Cashable bonuses

Cashable bonuses are just as they sound – bonuses that can be cashed out in full. The only thing preventing you from cashing out a bonus of this type is the wagering requirement attached to it. This should always be easily found in the casino terms and conditions, usually under “bonus terms” or a similar heading. Many people instantly assume that cashable bonuses are better because the player can retain the full face value. But in practice, these bonuses often have very large wagering requirements and game restrictions. Many times they can only be played on slots. This means you must be very careful to fully understand the terms when accepting a cashable bonus. Failure to do so will often result in confiscation of winnings and the return of the deposit.