Sic Bo is a dice-based game of chance that originated in ancient China. It was introduced to North Americans by Chinese immigrants in the early 1900s, and is now one of the most popular casino games played in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Although American games such as Chuck-a-Luck or Lucky Dice are similar in aim and gameplay, it is widely acknowledged by gambling scholars that the origins of the game are indeed in China.

Sic Bo Gameplay and Materials

Sic Bo is remarkably simple to understand, which is part of why it has become so popular across the world. In order to play, one needs only three dice and a small cage. The cage is a container in which the dice are shaken before being rolled; this practice ensures that the roller cannot exert undue influence on the rolls or easily cheat. The cage can also be called a cup or a shaker, depending on where the game is being played. Underground Sic Bo games often use makeshift cages, but the basic concept remains the same. Although the term is still used in online Sic Bo games, the computer dice are obviously not shaken up inside a cup; the individual die outcomes are randomized through advanced algorithms.

How is Sic Bo Played?

In casino Sic Bo, the player makes his or her bet before the dealer (or roller) shakes the trio and dice and rolls them out onto the table. If the bet that was made turns out to be correct, the casino pays out at a rate commensurate with the bet’s odds of succeeding. The essence of the game is the wide variety of bets that can be made at the table. Although Sic Bo is commonly referred to as a luck-based game, certain odds and potential outcomes can be predicted and taken advantage of by expert players. The next section will detail a few different bets that are commonly made over the course of a traditional game.

Different Types of Sic Bo Bets

The most basic bet is called “Any One Number”, or a single. Someone who makes this bet is guessing that a particular number will show up on at least one of the die. This bet can be followed to its logical conclusion by playing “Any Double”, which is a guess that the same number will appear on two dice, or “Any Triple”, which is a bold prediction that all three dice will match. The payout for correctly betting “Any One Number” is relatively low, whereas the payout for a successful “Any Triple” bet is very high.

More Bets

You can also bet on the total number that all three dice will display. Betting “Big” means that a player thinks the total read will be between 11 and 17. Betting “Small” predicts a sum of between 4 and 10. Betting “Even” is a guess that the total sum of the dice will be even, and betting “Odd” assumes the opposite. There are several more risky bets that have correspondingly lower odds and higher payoffs: one is the “Three Single Number Combination”, where a player must guess the number on each individual die.

Sic Bo dice and their trusty cage can be found at thousands of casinos worldwide and online at several reputable online casinos. Shake up the dice and start betting!