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Core Information to Know Before You Buy a VR Casino

The modern world is slowly but steadily moving towards complete digitation of all possible spheres of life. The most recent announcement about the foundation of the metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg hints everybody on the future of technologies.

This direction of the casino business is also progressing quite successfully. Numerous virtual reality gaming halls are already functioning on the Internet, attracting thousands of visitors to enjoy the entertainment. Is VR gambling so promising? Will this sphere improve even more? The recent data on the iGaming market give affirmative answers.

Essence of VR Amusement

Major clubs started thinking about moving to virtual reality after the demonstration of the Oculus Rift helmet in September 2014. Since then, progressive organisations have been actively advancing towards occupying the VR niche.

Key notions about such entertainment platforms:

  • Virtual reality casinos are 3D environments created by graphic designers and programmers.
  • Such spaces have roulettes, tables for card content (poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc.), slots, and all entertainment that can be implemented in online portals.
  • Games are accessed through dedicated apps, and players can interact with each other and dealers with VR devices.
  • Depositing funds and withdrawing winnings is conducted through conventional methods, just like on traditional gaming sites.
  • If a real croupier participates in the activity, he is mainly responsible for maintaining the right atmosphere and ensuring full immersion in the gameplay.
  • Access to the content is possible through a VR headset and broadband Internet availability.
  • In virtual gambling houses, visitors can walk through the halls, talk with other users, and monitor statistics using a modern interface.
  • Punters can and are incentivised to change the looks of their 3D avatars according to the mood.

Advantages of VR casinos

The peculiar feature of this type of entertainment is the complete immersion into the atmosphere of the beloved activity. It is especially important today, during the Coronavirus pandemic and total lockdown.

Other unique aspects of virtual reality in gambling:

  1. High demand. Entrepreneurs who are eager to set up a gambling business can move towards VR entertainment without any risks. There are millions of fans around the world with the necessary equipment, waiting for new virtual reality casino platforms to open.
  2. Quick organisation process. With the adequate approach, setting up the gaming site is just a matter of time. Experienced developers are now plentiful, and the most proficient of them can help an operator launch a project in a few months.
  3. Genuine interaction. Groups of friends can gather in large companies in virtual reality to play poker, blackjack, or anything else regardless of where they are. The communication and the presence of their avatars create a craving atmosphere.
  4. The realism of events. Unlike regular online or even live casinos, the visitor sees everything around as if he is located in a land-based hall. As modern graphical technologies improve, the picture becomes even better.
  5. Prompt pay off period. With such a unique direction of entertainment, an operator can buy a VR casino without any fear of losing funds. A proficiently elaborated project can return the invested expenses in 3–6 months after the launch.

Today, prices for VR headsets start at $50. In the last few years, there has been a significant price decrease, so the number of visitors has risen.

Popular Manufacturers of Content

The development of VR casino software began immediately with the emergence of the technology. Today, the most renowned suppliers of the content are NetEnt, Microgaming, and CasExe.


The first VR slots from the manufacturer (improved versions of regular games) aroused an incredible interest among punters. The developer abandoned the classic format and turned the virtual casino software into a combination of a regular video slot and a computer game.

A complete immersion into the entertainment improved the offerings of the vendor. The sound accompaniment became more spacious. A graphical component began being projected in Full HD. The environment turned out to be fully interactive, enhancing punters’ influence on the gameplay.


In 2016, the company presented the first VR roulette in London. The software carried the user into outer space with a robot dealer. Among all casino providers, Microgaming earned the ICE Totally Gaming Award for its innovation and instantly made it onto the list of the most prominent brands.


Some of the most popular VR titles come from this manufacturer. CasExe relies in its development on 3D graphics, animated cutscenes, and user-friendly controls. The company has also made a significant impact on cross-platform poker software. The programming system allows operators to conduct tournaments with up to 16 players in a room.

Quick Start Possibilities

Regardless of whether you are an experienced gambling market participant or a novice entrepreneur, if you want to buy an online casino with VR, a decent theoretical rundown is necessary. The technology is relatively new and requires a unique approach to the setup process.

In this case, it would be wise to resort to a professional aggregator. Such a company has a convenient option for a quick elaboration of the project.

A turnkey casino with a focus on VR has helped many operators start their lucrative establishments. So, if you are looking forward to launching a risk-free organisation, this might be an excellent way out.