Bet365 is an entity that seemingly can do no wrong in the online gaming world. The revenues the brand has pulled in over the years really are spectacular. There are scores of different online casinos and wagering ventures that anyone skimming the internet surely will find without any troubles. Whether or not they will like the experience remains to be seen. When it comes to reviews and discussions about Bet365, the buzz is very positive. The company runs a fairly solid enterprise and has built up a really strong brand as a result.

Bet365 has been very successful with its approach to branding. People are familiar with the company and the high level of excellence associated with the name. These accolades do translate directly into money generation. More customers who are fond of the company automatically means the company is going to earn quite a bit. Then again, to list the revenue figures as being “quite a bit” somewhat diminishes the true value they reflect. Bet365 continually tops its own revenue records time and time again.

Recently, Bet365 noted it earned £400 million in operating profits from March 31, 2014 through March 31, 2015. (In other currencies, the profits are listed as €539.6 million and $605.5 million. The increase in profits is a huge one. Bet365 has experienced a boost of about 26.5% in profits over the course of that 12 month period. The overall revenue generated by Bet 365 is about £1.5 billion, a staggering sum to say the least. This number reveals an increase in revenue that was in the 15% range.

What was one of the biggest factors that led to the huge money gains by the company? Not too surprisingly, the amount of money wagered on FIFA during the 2014 season sent a huge amount of cash into the coffers of Bet365. Football (soccer) is more than just a sport. The popularity of the game can almost be considered a worldwide phenomenon. The money driven into the business thanks to the interest in FIFA wagering has been nothing short of astounding. Bet365 has really ridden the wave of the popularity in the sport and, of course, also on the popularity of wagering on it.

There are a lot of venues in which FIFA wagers can be placed. The branding and marketing of FIFA has led more and more customers to sign up with the online gaming entity and Bet365 is really leavings its competitors behind.

Bet365 is also riding the wave of gaming popularity created in many ways due to various advances in technology. The arrival of an in-play betting feature has definitely provided an awesome new way to wager. For those who are not familiar with in-play betting, this is a wager placed on events that occur in a game during real time. So, in soccer, a wager can be made on whether or not a score will occur in 30 seconds of the 2nd period. In baseball, a single pitch can be wagered on. Will it be a ball, strike, a hit, or a fly? People seem enamored with this new way to put bets on games and 75% of total “sports betting turnover” came from in-play betting. That is not bad for something that was once derided as being little more than a mere gimmick.

And who could ever discount the rise in gamblers from the mobile device world? Mobile betting makes placing wagers very easy no matter where in the world the player may be. The figures for mobile betting are way up. A 59% increase has been reported and this is a huge jump. Those numbers are likely to remain impressive for many years to come.

The venerable Bet365 Casino still does pretty good and a growth figure of 3% has been duly noted. All of the various holdings and operations of the casino have been supported by the arrival of 2.3 million new customers who have deposited money into Bet365 accounts. The total number of customers who patronize Bet365 entities is in the range of about 4.1 million people. That is a huge customer base in which the casino can draw from.

The success of the business has not been lost on those who own stakes in Bet365. The primary owner received a dividend of £75 million, which is actually lower than the previous year. The two-year total is in the range of £170 million so the owner is not exactly going to be very disappointed.

Bet365’s success has rolled over into other holdings of the company as well. Bet365 owns the troubled football club Stoke City. Stoke City is deemed troubled because its losses were in the millions. During the 2014 – 2015 fiscal year, the company turned a solid profit of £800,000. That money doesn’t begin to offset the previous year’s £5,000,000 loss but several years of consecutive profits will.

Bet365 truly is a pioneering company in the world of online gambling. No business would be able to draw in 4+ million customers unless it really was delivering a very positive experience. Bet365 has done an extremely good job making most people’s experiences positive and this has translated into great success.