Are there really 243 ways to win online slots? The answer depends on the actual strategy being discussed here. The type of slot games also factor into the equation. Contrary to what those who are not completely knowledgeable about slot gaming think, different designers and developers of slot games provide their own unique games. The games do come with nuances. Understanding the specifics of the nuances and of a particular slot gaming company factors into whether or not the pathways to winning actually end up working. In this case, the discussion focuses on 243 ways to win Microgaming slots.

What makes talk about 243 ways to win at slot games intriguing when discussed in the same breath as Microgaming is the developer is known for some very high profile releases. Terminator and Jurassic Park-themed slots are part of the Microgaming litany. So are scores of other stunning licensed games. The one other issue with these Microgaming releases is they come with fewer paylines. Does this change things a bit? Honestly, there are a few pluses and minuses with the 243 ways to win when examining the approach with Microgaming.

Some 243 Basics

When an online slot game has the right combination of reels (5) an symbols (3), there is a set maximum of “five of a kind” combinations (243). With the 243 ways to win play, the totally of the combinations (yes, totality means 100%) are going to payout when landing on the appropriate symbols. At the point the player goes below the 243 combinations, then number of paylines drop. The highest number of paylines that become accessible dips to 100. That is just the way things work. Only about 40% of the combinations that pay out is represented by the 100 payline threshold. The combinations end up dropping all the way down to 15% when the player opts to work with 40 paylines.

A Few Pros to Note

Looking at the simple math, this means the chances of hitting winning combinations occurs when 243 combinations are sought. This does not mean anyone who goes with 243 is on the glide path to always winning. No strategy is going to lead to any perfect streak of wins. Rather, the math reflects a higher chance of landing on those winning combinations, no more and no less. Another advantage does exist.

The other big pro to the game is not going to be clear and most people won’t even know it is there until someone points things out to them. An advantage found in the total bet of a traditional online slot game is the line bet times the number of paylines that have been totally activated. When we turn out attention to the 243 path, things start to change quite a bit. Looking at the Microgaming slots, the total bet is enhanced by a multiplier of 30. Yes, that means 30 times than what is the case with the standard online slot games.

The wins end up being a lot more impressive upon hitting the proper combination. The solid, impressive results are only going to be possible when those combinations come up. Slot gaming, whether the job is done on a Microgaming slot or another company’s slots, requires a lot of luck. Slot games are, in essence, games of chance. Fans of slot games do want the best chance at winning a really impressive amount of money. With the 243 ways to win approach, the “30x line bet” the desirable amount and outcome are far from elusive.

How The Math Works

How does the math work on this? Anyone betting a total of 60 coins with 2 coins on one line after the other until totaling the full 30, the line bet ends up being 0.24 coins, the result of 60 divided by 243. The line bet ends up being registered at 2 coins. That is really not a bad deal when you think about it. The player is wagering 0.24 coins but gets a payout based on 2 coins. Maybe the whole 243 ways to win has something really going for it. Okay, all is not roses with the strategy of wagering on slot games that offer 243 combinations. Cons do exist and fairly assessing the negatives helps players gain a better understanding as to what to expect when actually placing a wager.

Payouts are a Drawback

One sad, hard truth to learn here is the payouts are on the weak side.

Playing for fun is okay when the slot games chosen do not come with any actual wagers. There are free slot games available and anyone looking to invest a little leisure time on them is free to do so. For those who want to win slot games, the attitude taken is a more serious one. The wish to win is what leads to looking into strategies such as the 243 games.

Unfortunately, the word on these payouts is they are smaller than what would be the case with other slot games with more paylines and greater than 243 total combinations. Consider the lower payouts the tradeoff for being able to increase the chances of winning with the magic 243 combination number.