Game Village is a pay to play gambling website (which can be found at, based in the United Kingdoms featuring a exceedingly wide array of different games and platforms with a special focus on the game of Bingo. The site offer games on both the site’s online hosted, in-browers platforms (no downloads needed) as well as on various mobile platforms, such as the iPhone, Ipad mini and Android phones and tablets. Though Game Village is a pay to play website there is one notable exception, that of all bingo games available on site. And while the bingo games themselves are not free, the massive bonuses for new players indeed are. The amount provided by the free bonus (which is currently 25 $ or 400 %) is enough for the player to conduct numerous free games (though it would be impossible to say exactly how many, given the wide variety of different games and bets that can be made in various situations). Bingo games include, Village Inn, Power Bingo, Speed Bingo, Eighty Ball Bingo and Ninety Ball Bingo. Also, consistent bingo players whom had made regular spendings on the game will be able to receive the site’s weekly re-deposit bonus which can be as high as 250 % (it should be noted, however, that this weekly bonus is strictly for bingo only).

Game Village also provides a wide variety of other casino favorite games, such slots and various different arcade games. Some of these include, but are not limited to, The Hunt, Cupid’s Arrow, Bust the Bank, Fluffy Favorites, Shaman’s Dream, Max Damage, Avalon, Lucky Devil, King of Slots and Deck the Halls. There is also a scratch section for lottery junkies. Blackjack and Roulette simulations are also available.

The site’s popularity has come almost as much from it’s exceedingly high quality customer service and support staff as it’s actual bingo and casino games. Aside from the standard call in or email reached support staff, the site also employees people who will talk to you in real time on their site’s built in chat system. This chat system, called Chat Lingo, is available for all official members of the site (which requires only a password and user name) and allows all users the ability to talk with both administrator staff members (such as moderators and support staff) as well as other members of the Game Village community. In addition to this, users are also able to read the profiles of the chat host members to verify who they actually are and get a sense of what they are like before or after talking with them.

The Game Village’s also has a direct link to the website’s official blog (which is featured on and can be read from the site itself) which contains tips and tricks for beginning and seasoned players alike as well as news updates about upcoming titles, releases, website changes and other gaming related news. The main headlines for the blog posts tend to contain the newest jackpot numbers, showing prospective or returning players how the jackpots have changed and what they can win now which makes the blog a invaluable tool for paying players looking to make big returns on the deposit investments.

In regards to Game Village’s mobile platform there is not really much to say that has not already been said because all of the various features previously mentioned are also available on their mobile app. However, just like the main site itself the Game Village’s mobile app requires a password and username to play on site (it is a pay to play member site after all). Lastly, Game Village is also highly regarded for their weekly prizes and various free promotions. Some of these include things such as bonus cash rewards on Bingo for tuning in and listening to the website’s sponsored radio channel of Bingo Radio (hosted by DJ Mark) as well as bonuses and prize giveaways at the website’s real life player meet ups, which are hosted twice every year.

Player reception from both new and old, seasoned and inexperienced, primarily online and primarily brick and mortar, continues to be exceptionally high, especially for a strictly online casino. With player reviews across a wide array of web based review sites being uniformly positive with special praise for the friendly, excepting and helpful player base as well as the supportive and patiently attentive staff. All in all if you are looking for a bingo fix, a place to make a quick buck (if your good or lucky enough) or just a place to pick up a new hobby, then Game Village just could be what you have been looking for. With twenty four hour customer support, a four hundred percent sign up bonus, a friendly and passionate staff and player base, hundreds upon hundreds of free prizes and promos, in-house chat service and the chance to make some serious money, the Game Village is a truly exceptional gaming site that caters to players of any skill level. And one final note, though the website is hosted in the United Kingdoms this locality does not affect membership, which is afforded to any and all players with internet access worldwide!