Louisiana double poker game is a casino game based on a novel. To play this game, a player places a bet on the action. The player then receives five cards to simulate a hand. There is a one chance to drop one or more cards to improve that hand. The returns listed on the pay table at the top of the screen determine the payout.
It is a 53 card game instead of the traditional 52 cards. The extra card is not a joker but a double card hence the name of the game. Louisiana double poker payouts usually progress with the stakes and the game level. The player gets a real chance to double their money. It is a twist to the standard poker game. A seasoned player may find this improved version of poker a real treat. Louisiana double poker game has wild cards and modified play tables. The new challenge may be worth exploring to discover new ways to play poker. It is very similar to Jacks or Better except for the extra card.

The game designed by Microgaming has received criticisms over a few issues where players deem it inadequate or unappealing. Besides offering low average return to player, the game has poor table layout and a lower chance to win as compared to standard poker games.

One of the major complaints is the poor layout of the poker game. The ‘superior’ video poker game has extremely poor graphics. It is an old version that has not been improved to meet today’s standards of video and graphic quality. When compared to standard games, they rank poorly in graphics and fall below average.

The perceived advantage of the game is that the double card improves the chances of a player to win some real good money by doubling it. However, the flawed concept of the game is that the double will double the cards hence the need to get good cards with a winning combination. The extra card does not help with poker hand rankings as it is not a wild card. It cannot replace or substitute another card. It merely doubles the four cards that the player already has in his hand. To win one has to match the extra card with a winning combination. If not, the player does not get any winnings. When playing multiple doubles, the player could win big or let the house gain some winnings. The latter would be devastating. The game will also not give you multiply hands or a fancy wild card. It is far too simplified.

At the payout table, Louisiana double poker game shortchanges the player. Jacks or better provides a better chance of better payout rather than the double poker game. When the poker game’s maximum payout percentage is compared to 99.54% which is the payout percentage for full pay Jacks or Better, it ranks at 93%. This means that the payout of this game is not worth it even as it claims to be a double poker game.

Furthermore the game has no bonus features. Most of the slot games award the player a bonus to enjoy the game. This poker game lacks this feature. Most of the poker games have a bonus feature where a player earns double points to continue playing. The bonus can also be used to ensure a return of over 100%. Bonus poker, for example, has this amazing feature that with the right strategies can be optimized to bring up to 99.17% return. Double bonus and Double Double bonus also have the bonus feature.

The poker game cannot be enjoyed by anyone who wants to play against another. It is a small poker game where it is just the player and the slot. It is also a very simple game with not many challenges for the player to be enthusiastic about. A real time player would find this game to be a bore. It is for the newbie and designed so simply for this reason. The only addition to regular poker is the extra card which as explained before is not worth any fuss.

The poker game is also criticized for not having much creativity. It is like the regular poker game. The only variation is the extra card which is not very useful in making good money. It is the same old poker with an extra card. This cannot be described as very unique. Poker has many other and more exciting variations that one would enjoy rather than this particular kind. Everything that could have been done to the game has been done. Louisiana double poker stretches the fun game too far by trying to introduce another card. For more fun, play the original poker game with friends. This ‘loner’ game does not match other variations.

Poker is one of the most loved card games in the US. The beauty of poker is that even if you don’t know how poker hands are ranked, they are easily learned and the payoffs for hands are always printed on the machines. Video poker is fast gaining fame and popularity too. With a browser one can access their favorite games online. However, Louisiana double poker game is yet to gain this acceptance as its pitfalls are plenty. It may end up being a waste of money and time. It is very similar to Jack or Better and as such it is advisable to play JoB rather than play an inferior version of the same.