Awards shows definitely have entertainment value. This is why people like to watch and attend them. Others may not be at the awards shows in person, but they do follow the outcome very closely. A few may wait with great anticipation to see who comes out on top when an awards show occurs. The Global Gaming Awards of 2015 recently took place and people inside and outside of the industry waited to see who was given top honors. Watching these types of awards shows has great entertainment value for many. And then there are those who, ironically, will place their own personal wagers on the outcome. Many have business-oriented reasons for following the show and seeing who turns up a big winner.

The event itself was held in a most appropriate location: Las Vegas. Vegas has been home to a great many awards shows and holding the event here adds prestige to it. Selecting the wonderful Venetian Palazzon Congress Center as the venue for the awards definitely aided in adding that vaunted and necessary level of prestige. The awards show was part of G2E event in Vegas and a great many top names in the online gambling industry were part of the show. An array of 50 judges was part of the awards show and each one worked independently. That is, none were affiliated with the organizers of the awards show or any specific companies. The fact that the judges operated in an independent manner helped further ensure fairness and integrity in the outcome of voting. No awards show would be worth much of anything if judging lacked knowledge but were filled with bias contributed to the outcome. This awards event had none of that, which is why it is taken so seriously.

Regardless of the reason for following the news emerging from the event, a lot of industry insiders and fans are very interested in seeing who walks away with honors. So, what did happen at the event that was notable?

For one, NetEnt further established itself as one of the biggest and most successful names in online casino gaming development. The company is always releasing very well-regarded games. The company has one scores of awards in the past. This year, the array of awards associated with its name has grown. NetEnt captured the highly prized award for Digital Industry Supplier of the Year.

As the name of that award suggests, NetEnt has delivered a lot of programming and technology to various online casinos. More than just deliver in volume, the company has also been able to deliver quality. Winner Casino, Slotty Vegas, and BETAT are just three of the entities NetEnt was worked with this year. One of the biggest achievements NetEnt can point to is having created the first ever 3D slot game that works in real time. That was just one of 20 games the company has produced this year alone.

Another big winner was Microgaming. Even those who are only casually involved with online casino gaming have heard of Microgaming, an entity that has supplied tons of interesting, fun, and popular titles to scores of online casinos throughout the years. Microgaming is also the company that releases a host of licensed pop culture-oriented games derived from the entertainment industry. To say this contributes to its popularity would be an understatement. Popular games are financially successful ones so Microgaming works hard and consistently delivering these types of products.

Micrograming captured two very important awards. The first was the valuable Digital Gaming Innovation award for VR Roulette. It takes a lot to innovate such an old table game such as roulette. The concept is pretty simple and making changes to it is not easy. By developing wearable technology, Microgaming definitely added something new to the ability to play roulette. The award was definitely a one that the company deserved. Likely, the unique innovations made to the game drew in a lot of interested players to give it a try.

The other top award Microgaming walked away with was Digital Product of the Year for the Jurassic Park slot game. Yes, Microgaming is definitely a great provider of movie-themed slot games. The company’s list of outstanding movie-based games is very impressive. This is why Universal gave the license for Jurassic Park to Microgaming and Microgaming did not disappoint in the least. The game is absolutely is a joy for fans of the movie franchise to play. A lot of people did play and this surely factored into Microgaming getting the award.

The hugely successful corporation Bet365 received honors at the awards show and this really should be to no one’s surprise. The company has really innovated the concept of “in-play” wagering. The Digital Operator award given to Bet365 is based heavily on its success with in-play wagering, which is betting on events in a game as they unfold. Bet365’s ability to deliver to those who love mobile gaming also factored into being given the award.

Overall, the 2015 Global Gaming Awards were filled with newsworthy items. Anyone who follows gaming news likely had a lot to read about in the trade publications. A player who is looking for top games might consider trying out one of the many titles these three award winners produce. Yes, there is a lot of marketing potential associated with winning one of these grand industry accolades.