With the recent launch of exciting, new technology, online casino players can now enjoy the same traditional casino experience online. With SlotsMillion, the world’s first virtual reality online casino, players can explore the casino floor, with lifelike enjoyment, which hosts a number of different casino games by developers like Playtech, NextGen Gaming, NetEnt, Genesis and more, and interact with other players, all while taking in lifelike cityscape views from the 80th floor. Throw in a cocktail waitress with trays of your favorite drinks, and viva Las Vegas!

This innovative, new technology features a virtual environment with 3D graphics that come to life on a large, high resolution slot gaming screen that pops with virtual images each time players get a big win, for the most true-to-life casino gaming experience possible.

The virtual atmosphere can be experienced in 3D from your computer screen device or via Oculus Rift goggles, which places the 3D world right before your eyes with various screens placed throughout the headset, while motion sensors detect your movements. Or, enjoy the game of their choice on the large cinema screen located right inside the virtual casino for an exciting game-inside-the-game experience.

Once the virtual reality app is installed, players will enjoy all out access to 360 degrees of the virtual casino floor which features a casino bar, lounge and multiple floors of gaming space, where players can feel like real players as they navigate through the site, utilizing a controller or keypad, and try their luck at over 40 real-money casino games including slot machines like Dracula, Go Bananas and Gonzo’s Quest, game tables, and more. And, players can interact with fellow players, if they’d like, or opt for the private casino room for a bit of solitude.

SlotsMillion virtual reality casino game along with the Oculus Rift headset differs from other casino gaming experiences, in that its life-like visuals and wide field views sets the stage for a truly immersive experience that feels just short of stepping into a live casino. Gone are the days of hour long drives or expensive-planned vacations to enjoy your favorite your past time. With SlotMillion’s virtual reality casino games, players will now be able to enjoy the brick and mortar casino experience from the comfort of their own living room.

Alexandre Tomic, Co-founder of Alea Gaming Limited and SlotsMillion, believes that virtual reality casino gaming is like nothing players have ever experienced before. He believes that once players get a feel of the game, they will be in awe with the graphics and interactive quality of the headset, which won’t be available to mainstream players until sometime in 2016. However, interested players can sample the virtual reality game, first, at the SlotsMillion’s booth at the Berlin Affiliate Conference, which is scheduled for sometime this week.

The conference will provide casino insiders with a firsthand look into the future of the gaming industry. This opportunity will give SlotsMillion the ability to showcase this new technology to the masses as well as gain an edge over the competition as the first company to feature this unique product. And though the product isn’t scheduled for release until 2016, SlotsMillions will be giving away two free headsets at the show, and current Slotsmillion players can log onto the SlotsMillion website and enter for a chance to win one of ten headsets that will be given away.

The Oculus Rift head mounted display, developed by Palmer Lackey, a 23 year old entrepreneur and inventor who in March 2014, sold his company Oculus VR to Facebook for a reported $2 billion, has been used in prior experiments with variants of popular slots such as Avalon, however, SlotsMillion seems to have emerged as the successor of the first full virtual reality Casino game.

Oculus Rift’s advanced technology utilizes state of the art displays along with custom optics designed especially for VR, which enables users to enjoy the ultimate sensation of presence, whether stepping into your favorite game, interacting with friends in VR or watching an immersive VR movie. This innovative, new technology includes 1080 by 1200 resolution per eye, integrated headphones with spatialised audio, and rotational and positional tracking for use while standing, sitting or walking around the room.

Games that utilize new technology, such as SlotMillion’s virtual reality online casino game, especially in conjunction with advanced technology such as the Oculus Rift, take a bit more time to create, especially when used for gambling games which are heavily scrutinized for consumer protection, so each component of the game as well as the Rift must be thoroughly tested before it hits the market. If there are any glitches in the slot machines on their own or in conjunction with the Rift which could be deemed as unfair, the product will fail to make it to market. As of now, both products are undergoing vigorous testing and are scheduled for release in 2016.

Until then, anxious gamers can enjoy a free trail of this virtual casino world along with its trusty sidekick, the Oculus Rift, at the SlotsMillion booth at the Berlin Affiliate Conference. Or, simply log onto the SlotsMillion website for a taste of their traditional casino games, while you wait.