Heist Slot Game by Betsoft

For slot machine game enthusiast, the game Heist can be a lot of fun. For starters, there is the incredible 3D graphics or anime appearance to the game’s characters. As the name suggest, this game revolves around a thief by the name of Neal that is trying to pull off multiple heists without getting caught. There is a detective that is on the case with his shot gun in hand. The 3D graphics feature makes other video slots games look cartoonish. There is exceptional animation with sounds throughout play that changes to complement different bonus segments of the game. With nine pay-out icons, players have a variety of options to win with. However, the amount of credits that can be won only range from 500 credits with five of the thief icons to as little as zero for all of the other game symbols. Players can use a strategy of changing their bet to help maximize the ability to win large payouts. This requires the simple steps of increasing the number of lines wagered or the actual amount of the bet. Regardless of what is decided, the game bonus features ensures the pay-outs are substantial.

Enjoy Lucrative Payouts Of Heist Slot Online Game

There are several bonus game options with four wild icons that identify them. The four symbols include the glass cutter, the C4 or 2x wild reel, the scatter drill, and the bank vault. There are 30 pay lines for players to place wagers at any time during the game. The five game reels have three layers of symbols. The 3D animation is amazing with the sounds and colors to complement the storyline. When the player has a winning spin, the animation and blue highlighted bar around the pay line is triggered. The credits won are displayed in three areas. The first is on the actual reels. The second is at the bottom left in the winnings section. The third is along the bottom of the reel in the middle. The third area displays the winning pay line information as well as the amount it paid.

The software of BetSoft Gaming is at its best with this video game masterpiece. The player is sucked into a plot with characters and animation to match the game’s action. The game’s intro sets the stage for the storyline, which engages and hooks the player. The game offers a variety of conveniences to make play seamless. There is the ability to adjust the sound, use the auto play feature, change the bets, or use the max bet feature. The reels of the game have a backdrop of the inside of a suitcase that has technology for breaking into a bank vault. The sounds are the most dramatic of all the animation with loud bangs from the detective’s shotgun to the boom of the explosion during the bonus round. The player will be anxiously waiting for the next bit of excitement.

Game Features and Bonus Highlights

The game features include icons with characters of a thief, a detective with a shotgun, a stop watch, a handgun, a gloved hand with a vault blueprint, a black bag of diamonds, and a black duffel bag of British pounds. Each symbol pays out from zero up to 500 credits. The thief has the most with 500 credits, the detective has 400 credits, the black bag of diamonds is worth three hundred credits, and the picture of British pounds is worth 250 credits. The other symbols that round out the list include a black duffel bag full of money worth 200 credits, the handgun brings in 150 credits, the gloved hand with a vault blueprint wins 100 credits, a picture of a bank vault keypad brings in 75 credits and the stop watch pays 50 credits. For the player to win the amounts mentioned five of the symbols would have to land on the reels to pay-out. The four bonus features offer the player more opportunities for larger pay-outs.

The Heist is a reel game that gives the player multiple opportunities to win big payouts in four separate bonuses. The bonuses are represented with symbols consisted with a bank heist. The first is the C4 icon, which is also the 2x wild reel. This icon also becomes the wild scatter and takes up the entire center reel. Once the icon lands on in the center reel on the second position, an explosion takes place. The bank’s vault is blown open with a fire ball. After the smoke has cleared, Neal the thief turns and shoots his handgun at the player. The bonus comes with a 2x multiplier, hence the name of the icon. In addition, players can earn an even bigger pay-out with the subsequent spin. This happens if the wild icon remains frozen. The player would be entitled to an additional 2x multiplier with the next winning spin.

The next bonus feature is triggered when three drills icons are earned. The drill icon is also a scatter and can land on any reel during regular play to activate a multi-layered multiplier. With three drill icons the player gets 150 credits, four drill icons pays 300 credits, and five drill icons pays 750 credits. The amount won during this bonus round is automatically added to the original pay lines. The animation continues to engage the player as the drill is used to get inside the vault. Once inside the game begins to calculate the amount of the pay-out based on the number of drill icons received.

The glass cutter icon is another wild scatter for this game. When a player wins at least three of the glass cutter icons on pay lines that are winners, the bonus feature is triggered. The player must choose a glass cutter icon to see which prize has been won. The prizes in this bonus feature include free credits, free spins, or a bonus round game. During this bonus round, the player is also entitled to a 2x multiplier with all free spins that win. Once the player chooses the glass cutter icon, the game goes into animation for the specific prize. For example, the free spins begin automatically. The player is entitled to additional bonus rounds when other scatters such as the drill icon or the C4 icon appear on any reel. The pay-out is calculated at the end with a digital readout at the top of the reels.

Like most video slot games, Heist has a generous bonus round. Players with three or more vault icons activate the next layer of the bonus play feature. The animation for this bonus has the screen coming to life with the thief Neal going through the motions of an actual bank heist. The player feels as if they are involved with the robbery. Once the round begins, the bank alarm is activated and the game notifies the player when the detective is on the trail. The sound of the alarm has the player anxious about when to have the thief leave before the detective catches him. The key to a big pay-out is to get as much of the cash in the vault inside of a small black duffle bag and get out before the detective arrives on the scene. After the player leaves the vault, the pay-out is calculated and the bonus round returns the player to regular play.

Summary of the Heist Video Slot Game

The Heist video slot game has state-of-the-art technology with software from BetSoft Gaming. The 3D animation provides engaging play that lasts for hours. For example, there is animation of cash flying through the air after the explosion into the vault, the smoke from the detective’s cigarette, or Neal’s gun after he fires it. Whether the player is engaged in regular play or bonus play, the game mixes pay-outs and game action with ease. The music and storyline make the game appear to be more of a video game instead of a slots machine game. With believable characters and plot, players will consider this a must-play video slots game. The bonuses are numerous with the potential for big pay-outs. Because of the plot, players can get lost in the bonus play as they try to escape with their winnings before the detective captures them. This game does a good job of entertaining while offering players a myriad of opportunities to win and win big. The key is to plan a strategy with the bets wagered and watch the pay-outs increase.