Halloween is less than a week away and what better time to roll out a game that features what everyone loves about the holiday? Halloween is one of the most fun Holidays because people are able to dress up, have fun, and enjoy getting spooked! There are so many fun decorations that are associated with Halloween. These include things such as jack o’ lanterns, spiders, witches, and many more! People love these because they’re not decorations that they get to see everyday and they really help to get people in the holiday spirit. Decorations aren’t just everywhere but these symbols are too! We see them all over the place from movies, the internet, and various other places. Now, games are catching onto this trend! There is one new slot game out there, just in time for the Holidays. It’s capturing people’s attention because it features everything they could possibly want in a Halloween themed game.

Play n’ GO has rolled out there new Happy Halloween slot! It’s been out for a few days now and it is quickly gaining more and more players each and everyday. People want to have a little fun playing the slots but they also want to do something that gets them in the festive spirit. October is the only month where people get to experience all of the fun spooks that are associated with Halloween and therefore it’s perfect that there is a slot game that matches their needs!

The Happy Halloween slot is a five-reel slot for everyone’s playing and winning pleasure! There are up to 50 active lines in this game and they’re all filled with fun symbols! These includes the universal symbols like a jack o’ lantern which is the wild symbol in play. There is also a wicked witch which is the scatter symbol. All of these spooky features make the game more fun! It’s a nice change to see a break from the typical cherry, 7’s, and other symbols that normally grace slot machines. It’s fun to see Play n’ GO having a little fun and really getting into the holiday spirit! The candle-lit reels are sure to give people the spooks and thrills associated with this Holiday!

Those who don’t scare easily should take part in this game! There is a plethora of spooky characters and everyone’s favorite, Halloween candy! Those are all the things that help to make Halloween such a fun holiday and now they’re included in a popular slot machine game. People can win prizes and bonuses for finding all of these symbols! That means there are a few tricks and treats when playing this game. The characters in the game are everyone’s beloved Halloween spooks! These include witches, Frankenstein, ghosts, and many more! Keep spinning the reels until you capture them all to win fun prizes!

This game is quite simple and there actually isn’t anything truly scary about it. This is especially true because bets can start at as little as a penny! This is great for those who just want to play the game and get in the holiday spirit without losing a lot of money! Don’t be fooled though, some serious cash can be earned in this game. You can win candy cash in this game! All those previously mentioned holiday characters help you to multiply your cash! There are also other deliciously evil symbols like spidery strawberries and black cat grapes which will increase your winning totals!

There are quite a few people who have witches as there favorite Halloween character! There are also quite a few people who are scared of them! Do not fear them in this game. They provide good things! If you come across one of these witches you can multiply your bet and win some free spins! Who doesn’t love free spins for a chance at even more ghoulish fun?

Overall this game is a fun Halloween treat! It’s awesome because the theme is so creative and it will make people keep coming back for more fun! The graphics are all so expertly designed and really keep people coming back for more spins. One of the reasons is that large variety that this game offers! It seems that on every spin, new characters and items are introduced! All of them are super spooktakular. Now, as much as people love the graphics, they love the payouts even more. This game offers no shortage of bonuses. It’s so easy to multiply your winnings, earn free spins, and so many other great treats! This game even has a bonus where a person can end up winning one million coins! There probably isn’t a greater gift than that. Big prizes and bonuses are great features of this game and that doesn’t have to make people nervous. Players have the option of betting as little or as much as they would like.

Players should get in the Halloween spirit and try this game today before the moment passes them by! When it’s dark and cold outside, it’s fun to curl up with this game and get lost in the world of ghosts, ghouls, witches, and so many more scary creatures! Don’t worry, however. The payout is anything but scary.