Realtime Gaming casinos have added a new casino game to their mobile platforms: the new mermaid-themed Mermaid Queens slot game. The game is now available for play at the RTG casinos, including Vegas Casino Online, High Noon Casino and Raging Bull Casino.

Mermaid Queen is a three-reel, five slot game containing 20 possible pay lines. The theme has an undersea look, but if you look closely at the background image you’ll see it actually is set at night, above the water and against a moon-lit sky. The game doesn’t have the action-packed look of some slot games, likely in an attempt to make it a bit more female-friendly. But make no mistake, despite its look Mermaid Queen is a fun, entertaining slot game with an entertaining mix of game play. The small animations are worth a laugh and the audio component of the game is very clever.

This is a progressive game, with 9 cent minimum bets available for each pay line. The gameplay is pretty straight forward. You win by matching icons on the reel. The icons include the expected sea-themed items, including fancy letters, a hunky pirate, his pirate ship, a red-and-white fish and a pearl necklace with seashells on it. The mermaid and purple clam shell icons are the wild symbols and give players the opportunity to win free spins along with other bonuses.

The mermaid icon is the wild symbol, but you can also use it to win free spins. It will appear only on the first, second and third reel of the slot. Unlike some games, the Mermaid Queen wild symbol doesn’t deliver a multiplier. Instead, the mermaid will complete any possible wins as she matches all other standard symbols. The free spin wins with the mermaid are a bit more complicated. When the mermaid appears on all three reels, the player will win 10 free spins. If a mermaid appears during one of those free spins, another spin will be awarded to the player. If a clam shell appears when the free spins are being used, one additional free spin will be awarded and the rest of the free spins will be multiplied by two. Even better, any free spins won during the time when the other free spins are being used will be multiplied three times. So there are a number of chances to continue to win free spins.

The scatter symbol is the purple clam shell and it’s of great use besides the example given above. Once two scatter appear, they can be used anywhere on the reel, not just on the payline like the mermaid symbols. The purple clam shell is the scatter and it will send scatter wins your way once two appear. Getting three, four or five purple clam shells can boost the winnings by 3, 15 and 200 times. A multiplier which can easily boost the winnings on one spin to $5,000 or more.

One of the best things about Mermaid Queen is that unlike some slot games, its not filled with a lot of pointless frills and distracting attempts at making bonus opportunities seem more exciting. It’s a straight-forward slot game and there’s something really fun about that fact.

While the game does have an auto-play feature as the default choice, there is also a skill stop spin feature. Players who wish to stop the reels on their own can use the stop button, which will stop all the reels. Whether you use this feature or not really depends on if you feel that you can stop the reels manually in a way that will provide you with more opportunities to win. Most players find that using the stop button tends to interrupt the flow of their game play, but it really is a personal choice and there’s no wrong answer for this feature.

A few more things to know about Mermaid Queen. It is an auto-play game and although there are bonus spins awarded, there is no separate bonus game. Depending on where you’re playing, the RTP percentage is 91.5-97.5%, which puts it right in the middle of the slot game genre. The biggest possible jackpot available is 7,500 and the spread of coin options per line can range from 1 cent to 25. The jackpot is random, which is the choice for most serious players.

One other note is about the jackpot and winning combinations. The random progressive jackpot can be won at the end of any game and is triggered randomly. The game only pays off on one winning combination per spin. If the player matches more than one combination, the game will only pay off on the biggest winning combination. One exception to that is when you use a scatter symbol to win. The game will pay off both on a scatter symbol win and regular win, making that purple clam shell scatter symbol even more important.

In the end, Mermaid Queen is a great addition to RTG Mobile’s casino game offerings. You’ll enjoy playing it and in the end, that’s a big plus when you’re playing an online casino slot.