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prism-casinoPrism Casino is a wonderful online gaming site that provides many hours of exhilarating game play. You can win it big or lose it all! Either way, you can’t win or lose if you don’t play. Why would you chose to play at Prism instead of one of the hundreds of other online gaming sites? Simple, the games are easy to work with on the site and they offer excellent bonus incentives for showing up.

Today, online casino is becoming increasingly popular all over the world because of its flexibility to people who like playing casino games without limits. People who do not have casinos around in their towns and want to play casino games opt to use them since there is no big difference between them and the normal casinos. At Prism Casino, we provide this online service without time limits like the actual casinos. We give players enough hours of exciting play. Our games are easy to play online and bonuses incentives offered are wonderful to our players when they participate.

Prism casino is enjoyable and easy to use having two-fold welcome bonuses. The first bonus is the no deposit bonus in which you do not need to deposit money into an account to use the bonus. The second type of bonus is the commonly used first deposit bonus.

Using the Prism casino’s no deposit bonus, the player will use a free $30 chip to open an account. This bonus is only applicable for the first time players who need new accounts and deposits. Deposits are not compulsory in order for one to enjoy the bonus but are helpful because the account owner is able to utilize other bonuses.

For the deposit bonus, it is at 350%. Deposits ranging from 30 to 1000 dollars are multiplied by a percentage of 350%. Initial deposits are multiplied by 3.5. It is important to note that these bonuses are used to enhance the game play and gives players a real starting stake for their games. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn but the winnings are available for the player to remove at any time. Take for example if someone deposited enough to be awarded $500 bonus, for them to withdraw $1500 they are supposed to have $2000 in their account because the bonus has been removed. Afterwards, the rest of the winnings to be withdrawn will be in full amounts as the player wishes and the bonuses will no longer apply. We will take back our money but you get to play with the bonus until you will be able to get your own money to withdraw and play with.

Prism casino is among the quality list of online casinos that has been identified by the regulators. We were in this list in the year 2014 and these ratings were done based on various factors among them; payout percentage, banking option, customer support to make the users conversant with services, variety of games that are offered, and welcome bonuses and software safety. We offer gaming services to players who are in the USA and also players who are from other countries.

For many, gaming has always been a fun pastime even before casino play session were popular. Many individuals liked to play game such as tennis, pool, baseball and other fun games that helped them relax their minds. Their main aim was to have fun be it an outdoor game or an indoor game played at home at their own disposal. Online games have the same feeling as the games played at our homes and to add on top of it, they are evolving and can be played anywhere since it has no venue. Many casino players do not know of this service and they continue going to land-based casinos to have some fun. If they know about the online casinos it will be a great way for them to find their games offered online and just a casino as the land based they know. With the benefits of playing casino games online, a player may find a lot more fun online than in a game played in a land base setting. Play our free online casino games and enjoy. Our bonuses are boosted up to 400% with money going up to $8000 for new players.

We offer 12 safe online games that include; online blackjack, keno/kino, video poker, paiGow poker, MrVegas slot, baccarat, online bingo, online roulette, online craps, heist slot, online slots, and 2 million B.C slot. These games can be played for free or for real money with slot machines for games concerned.
Some players ask themselves if the games are safe. In a casino, patrons have a little thought on the games that give them loses or that do not pay them jackpots they are entitled to. They will always be paid their winnings and money will be safe altogether. In the online gaming, the gamer is their own patron and will ensure that they will receive their money in a cash or a check from the casino.

Online casino games are safe and well created graphically by well-known and documented companies that have excellent experience in game creation and the type of technology used are up to date with high standards and less problems occur. In case a problem is identified, the casino can replace the cash that a player has lost and if the player has interest on joining again they can reset the game and continue playing the games. If a malfunction occurs, the player need not to worry about losing their money in an online casino.

As earlier on stated, many players are very doubtful of the safety in not only online gaming but also land based casinos while playing. They should be rest assured that the game is safe and their money will be fully accounted for in case something goes wrong. Voiding is also done in the online casino if the game malfunctions and the patron is paid money that was not supposed to be his. It is just like the land based casino and are reliable and therefore safe to play.
Millions of monies are spent by creators to develop the casino games. The money used is to perfect the technology for the games to play properly and award the winners fairly as required. They also ensure that every move is recorded. Many use the online gaming because they are safe and by the end of the gaming they know that they will be paid in case they win money. Many casinos known all over the world use the latest and best technologies available.

Online casinos are different from the land based casinos in that they do not have waiters or waitresses to bring patrons drinks as they drink. It is enjoyable being served but it comes with a cost online gaming will let the player use his fridge as a source of refreshment in his house without paying anything at the same time playing. For an online player, the environment is clean and free from pollutants that are in the land based casino like the smell of cigarette and shisha smoke. This is healthy and the gamer will not be at risk of getting lung cancer.

When using a computer to play, the person can simply choose the type of game that they need without changing lanes or switching seats. The land based casino is on the contrary having the need to change positions so that one can play games that they want. Online gaming will have an advantage in that the player will play as many games as he wants without limits.

There are a number of reasons why one should play online, an online casino usually offer sign-up bonuses that can go up to 200% but depending on a casino. Select casinos will offer bonuses again in the future and also other promotions if the player is loyal to the casino. Loyalty programs are given to them as rewards. There are also VIP rewards that promotes the winnings that the VIP player get if they earn enough points. The rewards offer extraordinary bonuses that may include, free money, free spins, free travel and even more.

The comfort of your home is another advantage of the online gaming over the land based ones that have loud music, smoke smell in the air, waiting and other irritating bothers. Players can select their game of choice, without listening to quarrels of people complaining about losing money. Customer service is via email, phone, and chats with the service who are more convenient for online players.

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