After a lot of turmoil over the past decade when it came to the legality of online gambling in countries like the US, it now appears that a very solid market has evolved in the places around the world where it is legal to gamble, including New Jersey, which approved certain games a few years ago. In the UK alone, the online market is now almost 3 times larger than the actual casino market yearly.

So it was a pretty good idea for one of the top developers of both in-casino games and games that are available in areas where online gambling is legal to offer an application that allows players to get some experience with the different types of games found in casinos before traveling there to play for real money.

Heart of Vegas on Android is representative of this type of common-sense marketing. Many of the games themselves are considered games of chance. At the same time, familiarity with the actual application that is being used in a game of chance allows users to develop strategy to enhance odds with complex slot games, for example. With complex slot machine games, there are often multiple reels as well as over 100 different ways to win.

What is Heart of Vegas?

Heart of Vegas is an Android application that is free for users to download. A gaming platform within an application, it currently allows users to play over 50 different slot machine games. Each of these slot machine games is one that is available to play in a casino somewhere in the United States or abroad. For users that are planning a trip to a casino in the future and want to practice with the actual slot machine games, it is helpful to visit the Aristocat website and look at their map of different casinos and which slot games are available in each casino. That way, players can get started using the slot machines that match the casino that will be visited.

Can actual money be won?

The application does not pay out real money. Right now, the Heart of Vegas exists to allow people to get a feel for what type of experience can be had in an actual casino. When a user downloads the application and gets started, a number of pseudo-coins are issued that allow game play using any one of the slot machine games available. Once players run out of coins completely, more coins can be purchased through an in-app purchase, although waiting until the time limit has expired will also generate new coins.

How close is the action to real casino action?

The games function the same way as the actual slot games do in the casino. From a strategy perspective, this makes it a good way to get the hang of matching multiple items across several reels and working in wild cards. Based on user reaction, the number one problem that users experience with the application, and this has been somewhat ameliorated by constant updates, is replenishing the coins. At one point, savvy users were going into the app settings in Android and clearing data in order to trigger a generate new coins option. Another difference between Heart of Vegas and live action is that there can be time limits on how to spend the coins that a user does have. Something that isn’t present in a live casino. Just the same, Aristocat is licensed by over 200 gaming authorities because their products are in many of the casinos around the world. So a chance to square off against an authentic version of a slot machine set to the same odds as you will find in a casino is a great way to practice before you travel.

Is the game popular?

Since it was released, it has been in the top 25 games downloaded on Android. So the short answer is yes. With the growth of gambling has come a greater awareness on the part of players regarding each game and how to increase the odds of winning. With slots, much of it is about understanding the game completely so that users make the right choices.

What games are currently available?

Almost all of Aristocat’s slot games for casinos have been ported over to Android in order to provide the most realistic experience possible. The apps all currently function quite well, although it must be pointed out that Aristocat did start out by porting applications to Facebook, followed by a release for the iPad, before turning to Android. So if there is a slight problem with an application, the next update should fix it before long.

Some of the most popular titles currently include: Wild at Heart which is new, and Wild Leprechauns with its free spin bonuses. The Daily Wheel is also a very popular game because it gives users a chance to replenish their coins by spinning the wheel once a day. As for the most popular actual casino games that are available, 50 Lions, Sun and Moon, Dolphin Treasure, and many more are included.