Richard Marcus

They say the house always wins, but Richard Marcus has made a career out of proving the house wrong. He knows better than anyone how rampant cheating is in the world of poker. He worked for two years in a Las Vegas casino as a dealer, and has been operating for more than 25 years as the world’s most successful professional poker and casino cheater. When it comes to poker and cheating, he’s invented most of the world’s most notorious moves. In recent years, he’s enjoyed a good retirement and now sticks mainly to writing and educational endeavors.

The Path to Becoming a Cheater

Richard Marcus makes cheating seem honorable through his classy and sophisticated techniques that kept him from being discovered by casinos and other players. His ability required hard work and true skill to outsmart the casinos and create real results. His life story is inspirational, and his path to become the world’s greatest cheat is not a linear and direct one. He moved to Vegas when he was young in hopes of supporting himself on legitimate gambling. Soon, he found himself broke and living on the streets under a highway overpass. He sought work as a Blackjack and Baccarat dealer, which enabled him to support himself. His work in a casino also served as the basis for his future as a poker expert.

It was in his early twenties that Richard met his mentor, Joe Classon. With his mentor’s guidance and the knowledge he gained as a dealer, Richard embarked on his path as a professional cheater. He spent his early years learning to cheat and work the casino gambling system, so he never had time to obtain a traditional education. However, he picked up languages quickly, and he is now multilingual with a good grasp of what it takes to win at poker. He works to help people learn how to avoid getting swindled and play clean and fair poker games. In the world of poker cheating, there are those who cheat and those who aim to put cheaters out of business. Depending on your goals, you can learn to be either kind of player by following Richard’s advice.

Common Cheating Methods

Richard now works full-time on helping people learn how to recognize cheaters and develop the skills required to succeed as a casino gambler. Card counting is an old technique that requires significant practice to learn. Online poker sites are fraught with risk, and Richard works to help identify scams and single-out websites that aren’t considered safe. Despite the increase in surveillance in casinos, it is actually becoming easier to cheat. Richard maintains that casinos are relying too much on surveillance, and as a result, they are not as savvy in detecting when a person is cheating. Richard devotes his free time to detailing all of the ways people cheat, and he works hard to keep his audience aware of these techniques.

Cheating in the World of Poker

Cheating in poker is widespread and common. Even in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, there are players accused of cheating. Valeriu Coca, from the country of Moldova, won $54,545, and he is now suspected of marking his cards. While Coca denies the allegations, it’s an indication that players are very aware that cheating goes on and is common. Richard Marcus maintains that cheating in poker is something that occurs regularly, and he works to educate people to help them avoid becoming victims. Strange as it may be, it’s also possible to cheat when playing online. In some cases, it’s the casinos that are doing the cheating, but this only occurs in very subtle ways that typically involves legal maneuvering. For example, an Atlantic City casino is suing players because the casino failed to properly shuffle its cards.

The Games Richard Marcus Cheated With

Richard Marcus has been cheating for years, but when he was cheating he wasn’t a well-known person. If he had been well-known, he likely wouldn’t have been able to continue cheating. Casinos likely knew he was cheating, but due to his exceptional skill, they were unable to prove anything. While he’s most commonly cited for his ability to cheat at poker, he was adept at cheating in a variety of games. Poker, craps, blackjack and roulette were all fair game. He’s written about many of his techniques in his book, “American Roulette: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down – My Wild Twenty-Five-Year Ride Ripping Off the World’s Casinos.” Another book, “The World’s Greatest Gambling Scams,” details many of his own scams and those of other players. His writings are a must-read for anyone who gambles in casinos. While it’s not recommended to try and scam a casino, since cheating is so prevalent, it’s possible to use the advice to protect your own earnings.