Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is a widely known roulette player who managed to take a little known gambling strategy, and transform in into a working system. The gambling strategy known as “Wheel bias” was adopted by Pelayo, and he was the first to explore the theory and use it in a more sophisticated manner. Originally, the wheel bias method was a theory that proposed that certain biases like irregularities in pockets of the wheel, and other flaws generally found in older wheels could help predict where the ball would likely hit.

Pelayo used this method to develop an original system with the help of his family and a computer software program to gain better odds at hitting large wins. The strategy worked by him recording thousands of roulette spins with the help of his family, and then inputting the data into a software that he created designed to simulate which numbers the wheel was likely to hit more often. This roulette system proved to be a success for Pelayo, helping him to gain between hundreds and thousands in wins daily at casinos.

Gonzalo and his family used his newly invented roulette system in 1992, where his spin-off of the wheel bias roulette strategy paid off, helping them to rack up an estimated 1 million in gambling wins at the Casino Gran Madrid in Madrid, Spain. The wins were bittersweet when casino filed a lawsuit against Pelayo, claiming his wins to be the result of a fraudulent cheat system. This lawsuit resulted in a 10 year battle between Pelayo and Spain’s court system. In 2004 the final verdict eventually ended in Gonzalo’s favor when several courts all concluded that Pelayo’s method of gambling was unusual, but didnt violate any rules, or constitute cheating.

Such events resulted in Pelayo eventually being banned from the popular Casino in Madrid, and eventually others in Spain. Pelayo continued using his new roulette system in various casinos thereafter. In Las Vegas, Denmark, Australia, and even the Netherlands, Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo and his family is said to have racked up an additional 1-2 million in winnings. His travels and huge winnings from gambling made him widely known as the “Man who took Vegas to the cleaners.” After being red-flagged in Spain, and various casinos in Las Vegas, Pelayo finally retired with an estimated 1.5 million fortune.

His legendary story made him infamous as a roulette cheater, but also contributed to various improvements in casino wheel renovations, and camera systems to monitor suspicious inspections of gambling machines. Another positive highlight to the Pelayo family controversy was the development of a movie inspired by the Gonzalo’s gambling events, known as “The Pelayos” originally, and “Winning Streak.” The film first premiered in Malaga, Spain in 2012, and was also released in Canada, Russia, and Poland. Though the public generally rejects Pelayo as a genuine gambling player due to his peculiar roulette system, and the fact that he was not a professional gambling champion in the field of gambling, one cannot deny that he became a huge success independently, and pushed the wheels bias ‘to the max’ like no other could dare to.

Regardless of reputation, Gonzalo’s ingenious use of his mathematical skills and observations of flaws within casino wheels without doubt did not make him a crook, but made him extremely clever in finding out ways to exploit the wheels as they were. Such flaws were not created by Pelayo, and thus should not constitute any fraudulent measures, but simply a use for gaining an upper-hand at predicting probable outcomes for hot numbers on the wheels.

After his retirement from the gambling world, Pelayo later wrote a book entitled “The Fabulous Story Of the Pelayos,” which was published in 2003. Gonzalo and his family also became the inspiration for the documentary “Breaking Vegas: The roulette Assault”, which aired on the History Channel

Although Pelayo has completely retired from gambling and has since picked back up his original love of record production, he doesnt have any regrets about his history of gambling, and attributes much of his success to it. Pelayo is adamant that gambling can be a means of lviing, but not nessarily a career. As put in his own words…

“Gambling is a way to make a living…” He quotes… “It’s a kind of philosopy… A life metaphor…A strategy…”