Dominic LoRiggio

Dominic LoRiggio or like some people like to call him “The man with the Golden Arm” or “The Dominator” is is a master at shooting craps and blackjack. He is known to be the best dice controller player in the world. He is known by “The Dominator” because he continually beats the odds at the crap tables. He accomplishes the world record for the most number appears before a seven appeared. He also holds the records for the most 30 plus rolls in the roll.He is one the few that can roll out 75 and 79 numbers before sevening out. He can hold the dice a certain way that gives him the control of landing the dice exactly the way he wants them to fall.

Some people like to believe that there is no way that you can manipulate the dice to land how you want it to land, but LoRiggio accomplish that. He has spent hours among hours teaching himself for years on how to control the dice.LoRiggio have finished in the top 20 percent in over 200 tournaments. He is an advantage player at the Pai Gow poker.He has been mastering blackjack for 25 years.

He has hugely impacted many people in the gambling world. LoRiggio along with his partner Frank Scoblete goes around the world teaching seminars on their methods. The classes and workshops are so popular that you have to be on a waiting list before you can attend one.Some of his seminars include dice control and an advanced lesson on blackjack. He also teaches players how to win at poker both online and offline. He teaches his poker classes at his partner Scoblete”s Casino Killer College.He also demonstrates his expertise on the latest Speed Count and Optimum Basic Strategy. These methods happen to be the easiest strategy ever made for blackjack.

He has also written many books about craps and blackjack. His most recent books, in which his partner Scoblete help him wrote, is called “Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!” They co-wrote the book in spring 2010. Another one of his books is called “Cutting Edge Craps: Advanced Strategies for Serious Player.” That book came out later that year in fall 2010. They also co-wrote a book called Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! Win at Craps Using Controlled Throw”.

When he is not co-writing books, he also writes for several magazines and websites.Some of the magazines he has written for include: Southern Gamin and Destination, The Crapshooter, Golden Torch and many more.He has also been a featured in many magazines and newspapers such as The Memphis Commercial Appeal, Jackpot, and Casino Player just to name a few.

His expertise in craps and blackjack, have landed him on many TV shows. LoRiggio alone with his partner Scoblete had participated on the A&E “Take This Job”. LoRiggio also made an appearance on travel channel show called “What Would You Do If,” which happen to be written by his partner Frank Scoblete.

LoRiggio life story was even featured on The History Channel. The feature explains how LoRiggio became such a force in the gambling world. He was also featured in Great Britain on their National Geographic Chanel. The show had demonstrated how LoRiggio and his partner Scoblete use their precision dice control.

LoRiggio finds great fun in casino gambling and especially when he beat the casinos. He does enjoy gambling, in general, but winning is always icing on the cake. He also takes great pride in teaching other players on how they can to beat the house.

LoRiggio along with his partner Scoblete is the greatest gambling duo that have across the casino in a long time. LoRiggio is so great that he and his partner are banned from certain casino because casino knows that they will win too much of money.LoRiggio partner Scoblete believes that LoRiggio is truly the most excellent dice shooter that they world have ever seen. LoRiggio skills are not like no other. He has an incredible motion in the way that he shoot craps is breathtaking beautifully. Along with his exceptional skills as a blackjack player and poker player, he is a grave threat to the casino bankroll. LoRiggio had set out to make a name for his self in Vegas, and that is exactly what he did.