PaiGow Poker Secrets

Poker has been played in America since the days of the old west, but the game came over with pilgrims who founded the original thirteen colonies. The game has grown and expanded to many different versions. You are likely most familiar with Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments that you see on TV, and most dramatic depictions of poker show players participating in games of straight poker.

The development of the game has reached Asia, and a new form of the game called Paigow Poker has taken root in Asian casinos. This game is an interesting combination of straight poker and a Chinese tile game known as Paigow. Some people call this new version Pan 9 in the casinos.

The game was discovered in game rooms in Asia by Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian, and those two men created a list of strategies that will you help win at this unique game. The strategies pioneered by Wolf and Torosian are discussed in detail below, and you may learn how to win at this unique and complicated version of a game even children understand.

Playing Pai Gow Poker

It is easy to play Pai Gow Poker. This classic game is played with fifty two card deck along with a joker. In some cases, the joker play the role of an Ace but in most of the time, it also play the role of wild card in flushes, straights and straights flushes. The player gets 7 cards to divide into one 5 card hand as well as one-two card hand. The player then should make a 5 card hand with the seven cards that get a higher score than the 2 card hand. If your 5 card hand beats the dealer 5card hands and your 2 card hand beats the dealer’s two card hands, you win the hand.

Gambling Secrets Of Pai Gow Poker

To know the answer of “how to win in paigow poker”, you have to know the Pai Gow Poker gambling secrets and play smartly to win. Even though it is regarded as one of the easiest gambling games, it is essential to have a good amount of logic and quick thinking. You will have to use different strategy for this game. If you are playing at the casino, learn to be the banker as often as you can. This means that you will play against multiple other hands. It will help you in two ways. You will win on a copy hand. If you want to play this exciting pai gow poker and want to know “how to win in paigow poker” search for several casinos online that give you both real and free money wagering. It is the easiest and way to practice playing casino games online for pure fun before actually risking your hard earned money.

#1: The Premise

Paigow Poker is a game of two hands. You are given seven cards when the game begins, but these seven cards are divided into two sets. There is a five-card hand that you will keep separate from your two-card hand. You are playing the game in two realms at all times. The dealer keeps two hands of their own, and you are competing to see who can beat the dealer.

#2: One-on-One Versus Group Play

Paigow Poker is played at large tables in Asian casinos every day. The game happens quickly, and many of the cards in the deck are dealt at the beginning of the game. You may play against one other person. This is typical of the online game which has the same name and strategy.

#3: Be The Banker

Playing the game requires one person to be the banker. The banker role is rotated around the table, and you want to be the banker as often as you can. The odds for the banker are higher than other players, and you may share this role with another player at the table. The banker role allows you to win ties with other hands, and you are the person who is being watched by other players. The other people at the table focus on you while they play, but you only have to focus on making the best hands.

#4: Five Or Two?

Players that want to win at this game need to have a five-card hand a two-card hand. The majority of players are going to use one hand or the other to win games. The other hand is often forgotten in this process, but you need to strike a balance between the two hands whenever you can. Placing value on one hand over another is going to make it difficult for you to recover for a bad draw or card swap.

#5: Bet Based On Your Position

People playing the role of the banker may bet more aggressively because they have better odds of winning. You want to have the banker’s role to allow for more winnings. Everyone else at the table should bet less money because their odds are lower. This simple strategy keeps more money in your pocket during the game.

#6: Bankers Should Fool Other Players Into Betting

Bankers can use their position to convince other players at the table to bet more money. The odds for the banker are so much better that the banker can use their position to win large pots. You must beware the banker when you are not playing that role, and you need to use your powers of persuasion when the banker’s role comes around to you. This is a game of change because the banker’s role could change positions after every hand.

#7: Split Your Pairs

You may be dealt pairs that you believe will win the game. These pairs are wonderful in regular games of poker, but Paigow Poker does not favor pairs at all. You need to split your pairs into both hands to have the best chance of creating two good hands. Your focus on just one hand could destroy the other hand that could win the pot.

#8: No Full Houses

Pairs usually lead to full houses, and the full house is not favored in Paigow Poker. You are not going to trump most of what your opponents are doing with a full house, but you can split up your full house into two hands that will be more beneficial to you. The prospect of getting a full house is intriguing to most players, but you should not try to get a full house only to break it up. Put this hand out of your mind to focus on hands that will win the game.

#9: The House Way

The house way is how cards are arranged by the dealer in a casino. Casinos all have their own rules, and you must look up these rules before you go to the casino. Learning about the house way will allow you to manage your cards when you are new to the game. You can follow the lead of the dealer as you settle into the game, and you can formulate your own strategy after you get comfortable. Casinos offer the house way to help beginners, but you could use the house way indefinitely if it helps you.

#10: Two Hands Must Win

You must play a forward hand and a back hand in this game. The forward hand looks very much like a traditional poker hand, but the back hand looks like a hand you would play in blackjack. You are playing the forward hand first against all the other players at the table. A winning forward hand allows you to compete with others and their back hands.

The forward hand should be a hand of great value that you believe is higher than the people at the table. Your back hand should look like a strong hand in a game of blackjack. Those who win both hands win the most money. You may win the forward hand but lose in the back hand. You will win money, but not as much if you win both hands.

#11: Fold

The strategies listed above are designed to help you create two good hands. Players who have one very weak hand will often fold because they know they cannot compete with the other hands at the table. Paigow poker is extremely strategic in that you are watching every player use two hands. You are managing your own hands, and you must decide if they are good enough to play. The wisest players will fold when they realize one of their hands is not strong enough to compete at the table.

You are looking for the right combination of seven cards that produces two strong hands. You can play weaker hands as the banker because you win ties with other players, and you must back off when you are not the banker. Folding is a critical part of the game. The Chinese believe in living to fight another day, and this game of poker demonstrates that belief.

Playing Paigow poker is a brand new way for anyone to gamble. You may not go to casinos in Asia, but you can learn to play this game online. The games you play online follow the same principles, and they favor the banker in all circumstances. You may want to learn to play traditional poker before you move on to Paigow in the future. Paigow requires a strong mind and mathematical skills used to predict probability. You will flex these mental muscles often as you try to balance two hands in a wild game of poker.