“Oscar’s Grind”, also referred to as “Pluscoup Progression” by the French and Germans, is a commonly used betting strategy utilized by players in gambling (Roulette). The only documented historic information about the birth of Oscar’s Grind remains that it originated sometime in the 1950’s in Las Vegas. The system was named after the man who made it popular… Of course…Oscar. Oscar is documented as being the pioneer’s first name, and no surname was listed on record. The term “Grind” was taken from Oscar himself, who used it to describe his very own system and style of roulette.

The Oscar’s Grind betting system was originally created for the game of craps, and little is really known about the man who invented it. However, there are a few things that have been historically noted for the man who mysteriously is said to be named “Oscar”. Although the betting system is said to have been invented by Oscar in the 1950’s, the Oscar’s Grind strategy was not yet made popularized and known to the public, until a journalist by the name of Allan Wilson had written about Oscar. This information supports the idea that Oscar was the inventor, but not the person who made this method “famous.”

Allan Wilson’s written account for Oscar described him as a “colorful person.” Allan Wilson had also wrote a book entitled “The Casino Gambler’s Guide: (Harper’s Row) In which he made known the strategy of The Oscar’s Grind, as he had documented in the book from his encounters with Oscar and the casino. The book is widely responsible for making Oscar’s Grind a known betting system, and is said to have been released sometime between the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Oscar was said to have bragged so much about how the system consistently offered him generous, and modest profits with little loss. So much so that he actually made playing the system a regular day job for himself.

The Oscars Grind is indeed designed to be a strategic approach to betting, nonetheless its not a sure method for winning, and not recommended for players who like the risk of betting on large amounts. The objective of this betting system is that a player bets in cycles starting as low as $1.00, and continues up to his/her desired unit limit after a win. The desired unit limit is dependent on if the game has table limits, and also the player’s budget, but generally is of open range. This steady flow of small unit betting can be tedious, but the process of Oscar’s Grind is used to ensure that the player earn wins in several tiny cycles, while decreasing the odds of losing great amounts of currency in each given bet.

The Oscar’s Grind strategy is most commonly applied in the game of craps. Not surprising, as is was first originated from craps! Oscar’s Grind can however be utilized in many other casino games as well and like various other betting sysems can be used in both offline and online games. This betting strategy is perfect for “newbies” to gambling, and/or those who prefer not to take risks on large bets. While there are plus’s and drawbacks to the Oscar’s Grind method, it is usually a safer way to have more control over the outcome of your game, which is the primary reason why it is still used today.

A great deal of roulette players today enjoy the rewards of being able to play a game with the Oscar’ Grind strategy, using low wagers and being able to accumulate their gains exceptionally higher than when they first started out playing the game during wins. They also note that the amount of loss in their bets are significantly low. For this reason, the system is still used by many gamblers, but nevertheless still receives a wide degree of negative or neutral reviews from critics. These critics are most commonly found to be veterans of casino, who don’t quite understand the system of Oscar’s Grind. Such critics view the game as trivial, often mentioning that it takes all of the excitement out of gambling’s true objective, which is to give it your all or nothing at all. If a player has such a mindset, then Oscar’s Grind certainly is not the system for them.

Despite the ton of mixed or negative reviews circulated around the Oscar’s Grind method, it still remains to be a straight forward betting style. The system is designed for the less gaudy gambler, who may not be very competitive in nature, but conscious of his bank roll. Many critics give such negative reviews about Oscar’s Grind for a number of reasons. Some weigh in heavy, and some more insignificant. One example of such critique come from the use of the term that is used to describe the Oscar’s Grind… “system”. Describing Oscar’s Grind as a system does not mean that it is highly recommended, or golden in terms of success rate, but a preference for those who prefer a more casualapproach to betting. Taking the word “system” out of context is one example of how Oscar’s Grind critics can take something so minute and using it to depreciate the value of the strategy, as well as mock the simplicity of Oscar’s Grind.

There is no science of this betting system. It is quite simple, and involves no crazy numbers. Just common sense. Oscar’s Grind is created to work on even bets only, such as red/black,odd/even, high/low wagers only, which are to increase each win by one unit. You begin the game by betting your unit. Its preferable to begin your betting cycle with a low priced unit, as this is the general concept of Oscar’s Grind. If you lose the initial bet, simply keep betting the previous unit in the next betting cycle. Keep repeating the initial bet until you have won. Once you have finally won, just start the next cycle. In the next cycle, simply increase your next bet up by one unit each win, and never change your bet after a loss. You will continue this pattern each game, and increase each winning bet’s unit by one on each win. You will continue this increase of one unit all the way up to the limit price unit that you have agreed to. Once you have reached your limit unit, simply continue to play that unit price, and do not increase your unit.

For example: You bet on black and start off with $1.00. If you lose that bet repeat the next cycle betting 1.00 again. Once you finally win, just increase your next bet to $2.00 in the next cycle. The system is easy to use, and very practical as well. It has also been known to be occasionally modified to be of use in other bets such as dozens and streets. Oscar’s Grind is for the patient, cautious player, who has a desire to eliminate the risk of losing out on large amounts of currency, while creating a steady stream of small accumulated wins that add of slowly. Player who choose the Oscar’s Grind system tend to be realists who do not have high, unrealistic hopes of gaining huge wins from gambling.

Although there can be negatives to using the Oscar’s Grind method, there can be in any betting system, you just have to know when its your lucky day, and when to just walk away. Small accumulated losses can easily stack up, so if you are finding yourself losing several consecutive bets, take what you have in wins, if anything, and leave the game before it becomes too much of a loss. Don’t forget that just because you didn’t have luck with Oscar’s Grind your first time, like any game, you cannot predict the outcome, so don’t give up on trying the system again just based off of one single loss!

There reasons players tend to adopt the Oscar’s Grind strategy are various, and many still find the system to be a progressive, alternative method for betting that allows them to get deep into their playing sessions, and enjoy the long steady paced games. Whatever the case may be, Oscar’s Grind is a classic roulette system that continues to thrive as a strategy in the gambling world, and one that is steadily gaining more recognition and momentum throughout the realm of casino.