Bet365, the leader in innovative online gambling has released a wide range of games for players to enjoy. Recent games includes the widely anticipated Psycho, which offers the opportunity to win big using the 20x multiplier bonus and several free spins round. Similarly, Bridesmaids should be another very popular game due to numerous bonus rounds. Huge rewards are also awaiting gamblers at the updated version of the favorite Vacation Station Deluxe. Other equally interesting games on offer are Forest Jump and Fortune of the Foxes.

The announcement came at the right time as gamblers are looking to spice up their vacations for this winter. Expert gamblers know the excitement of playing these games at Bet365, which has one of the most advanced technologies in online betting industry. As a result, players are exposed to a rich gaming experience at Bet365 due to the minimum data latency at its servers, allowing players to increase their chances of winnings. In addition, the ability of Bet365 to serve data from large number of worldwide audience rapidly increases the prize-money.

As stated, here are the top five online gambling games available at Bet365:

Psycho – Murderous Fun

The game is based on the concept of classical 1960 film, Psycho. The iconic symbol of Victorian motel perched on the lonely hill is enough to strike fear and mystery in return for some of the biggest rewards in online slots. Fortunately, the developer of the game is no other than the famous NYX Gaming Group, which ensured quirky graphics and user-friendly game play. The famous Bates Motel beckons gamers to the chilling mystery they must solve to win prizes.

Players should always look for the “Wild” symbol during game play. The symbol not only represents large wins, but it multiplies those wins several times. In addition, it also offers access to free spin rounds. Actually, the game is a 25-line, five reel video slot that include wilds, scatters and stack symbols. While a mysterious figure keep a close eye on all visitors to the motel, Norman, a boyish looking guy takes care of the guests.

Hilarious Bridesmaids

Appropriately named, the hilarious Bridesmaids is sure to entertain everyone. Microgaming developed the game based on the concept of 2011 hit comedy. Players can easily get lost in the play losing the plot as they are exposed to hilarious moments in the storyline with amazing on-screen action.

The actual game is played on 5 x 4 reels with a 40-line game. Similar to Psycho, players are introduced to wild symbols, scatters and wild symbols. However, there is plenty of extra fun to keep everyone entertained. For instance, sweeping paylines, sudden pop-up funny characters and tons of videos offer additional chances to hit the big prize. Perhaps, it is one of those few games where outrageous fun awaits every wheel spin.

Vacation Station Deluxe

Vacation Station Deluxe is yet another highly entertaining game designed on vacation themes. Players must obtain a combination of winning transport symbols. As such, each symbol is associated with a minimum value. There are nine winning spots and eight different paylines. Game developer, Gametech designed games are always enticing for new players or amateur gamblers who would like a simple game play but big rewards.

Regarding symbols, the bus symbol is associated with 25 credits, whereas the large airplane symbol ensures 1000 win credits. However, players should be on the lookout for suitcase scatter symbol that multiplies the betting amount to a maximum of 1000 times the original value. It is prudent to read online instructions as players can plan their bets accordingly. In simple terms, the objective of the game is to align winning symbol combinations. Rewards are reaped according to the column of multipliers against each combination. Betting more coins will likely increase chances of getting valuable payouts.

Fortunes of the Foxes

For gamblers, Fortune of the Foxes must be one of the most rewarding games where almost every win is enhanced by multipliers. The theme is based on fox hunt where players play as a fox hunted down by hounds. In addition, the campsite setting allows players to engage in engrossing gameplay avoiding hounds and eating grapes. Every grape hides different types of prizes.

The game is played on 5 reels and offers 25 paylines. There are a variety of high cards including Jack, Queen and King, which are also in cartoon style. Players must hunt for the fox that will appear on the middle reel to allow players to substitute symbols for the big prize. Getting the fox on other reel offers free spins that are guaranteed to provide some kind of incentive. As with every other slot game, wildcards also offer free spin rounds.

Fortune Jump

Fortune Jump is another wildly interesting game based on the ancient Chinese theme. A dragon above the reels and river flowing in the background makes Fortune Jump appealing to everyone. Appropriately named Fortune Jump, it is one of the only few games where gamers will literally jump on after reveling the bonus round. Unlike most other games, the bonus round in Fortune Jump features multipliers that continue to increase as players win more. Actually, the bonus round is a game in itself allowing players to reap extra profits after each win.

To win in the bonus round, players need only to reveal the winning symbol from the two symbols offered. Subsequently, the winning symbol will replace other symbols initiating more wins. The actual game is built on five reel slots with three rows and 40 paylines. The game has four theme related symbol including golden Koi, which acts as a substitute for other symbols except the scatter.