Online casino gaming is wildly popular. The presence of casino games on mobile platforms are growing and growing. Both of these assessment can be safely called understatements. Casino games – both for fun and for real money – are everywhere. Millions of people like to invest their time and money into these games. As a result, gaming has reached the mega-billion dollar category of an industry. Just as millions of people want to get involved with online gaming, so do scores of different companies. Right now, a new deal is being put together between Nektan and NetEnt. The partnership is taking the form of a licensing agreement. NetEnt is being contracted to provide a new series (portfolio) of online casino games for Nektan. The games will be accessible across a wide spectrum of Nektan’s platform.

In short, NetEnt is going to bring its very unique and original design concepts to Nektan so Netktan will be able to provide its players with innovative new entries. Hopefully, all the parties will end up being thrilled with the end result.

The new games are slated to be released across the “real money gaming partner network” run by Nektan. Well over three dozen mobile games are slated to be part of the mix. NetEnt really does have a lot of work to do in terms of creating these outstanding games.

The quality of the games does have to be very high. No players are going to accept any type of games that simply lack any style, uniqueness, or sophistication. In the current gaming landscape, there is a lot of competition for players. By providing new and interesting games, current customers are retained and new ones attracted. At least that is the plan Nektan has in mind.

Nektan realizes only the top gaming providers can be trusted with the companies future. And yes, the quality of the releases does represent the company’s future. Any casino gaming company that starts to fall behind the times and releases low-grade, poor quality games is simply going to be forgotten very quickly. Casino gaming fans want to see something special when they sign up for a session on the computer or a mobile device.

Signing a licensing agreement with NetEnt truly is in the best interests of Nektan. The quality of work NetEnt producing is extremely high and surely will be able to deliver on all of Nektan’s expectations.

NetEnt does benefit from the partnership and the monetary compensation is not the only thin that is beneficial. NetEnt raises its already high profile in the industry thanks to having signed on with Nektan. More than likely, more deals and offers for gaming and software design jobs are going to come NetEnt’s way. Such arrangement truly are mutually beneficial.

This is surely not to suggest that NetEnt is an up and coming gaming service. NetEnt has produced games related to the wildly popular television program South Park. So no, the company hardly could be categorized as a newbie in the world of casino gaming programs. Other top titles NetEnt has produced include Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. Titles like these have greatly helped the company build up its reputation. That reputation has been solidified by the various industry awards the company has been bestowed.

Anyone who follows the industry closely knows NetEnt has produced a number of outstanding games. The company has even won a number of awards. The 2015 Digital Industry Supplier of the Year Award was bestowed upon the company. At the EGR B2B Awards in 2015, the company walked away with three accolades. NetEnt won the yearly awards for Slot Provider Mobile Supplier, and Innovation in Mobile. All of these accolades were well-deserved. The games produced by the company truly were standouts in 2015.

Nektan understands it must work with a partner of the caliber of NetEnt. Nektan is in competition with scores of other gaming companies and that competition is fierce. Only through providing a consistent stream of well-crafted, original, cutting edge games is Nektan going to be able to thrive in the casino gaming landscape. Working with a gamin designer and provider that lacks a track record for both success and creative brilliance is not going to help the cause.

Working with NetEnt reflects a serious approach to a smart plan for expanding in the market by Nektan. A company that offers better games is going to be better primed to draw in more players. The players are surely going to be thrilled with the experience and that means they will become repeat players. Both Nektan and NetEnt should benefit quite well from consistent play sessions from people who truly enjoy the games in the portfolio.

With such incredible awards, it is obvious this is one of the top companies in the industry. Surely, the awards and accomplishments played a major role in Nektan opting to sign a deal with NetEnt. No one should ever assume though that any accomplishments should be rested upon. NetEnt has to keep delivering solid, reliable results year after year in order to remain relevant in the market. The new deal with Nektan helps with that result.