First things first, let’s talk about how the machine works.

1)Everything is completely random. Know this going in. The system selects the numbers that are played out. There isn’t any white man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

2)Every time a round is played, the situation changes. Some players go into this thinking there is a pattern. Some feel the need to keep an eye on each round. Do not do this. Players who do this will be wasting their time. If a 5 was played during the first round of the pirate game, a 7 might be played the next time. Let go of an expectations that might come up.

3)The system is setup to have the advantage. Players can win in the short run, but nothing more than that. The longer a player does his/her thing, the more beneficial it becomes to the online slot machine. Players in the past have thought there was a way to beat the system. There is not. Just sit back, relax and enjoy playing the game.

Next, let’s take a look at some strategies that will not work in the microgaming pirate themed slot world.


This is one of the more favorable strategies players tend to use. Unfortunately, this is one that will ultimately give way to disappointment. The idea behind this one is the pattern(again, the pattern). Some look at the symbols for the hidden message. Some players feel that after a while their prayers will be answered.

This is the wrong approach. The symbols in the game are just that, symbols. There is no direct way of unveiling the answer. The analogy that is often used comes in the form of an art installation. It’s just there for show. It’s just there to look pretty and draw in a crowd. Once you realize the symbols on the slot machine are the same thing, this entire pathology goes out the window.


The idea behind this one is pretty simple. A player sets the win ration higher and loss ration lower. In basic terms, a player limits the money he/she loses when everything is dead in the water. On the other side, a player sets it up to walk when things get really hot. This sounds good in theory, right?

These machines do not get hot or cold. There is not scientific setup for this type of thing. If a player understands this going in, the pathology behind this fades too. Playing Pirate themed slots are just for fun. There is not scientific way of predicting what is going to happen.

Is there still some confusion on this?

Okay, here is an example:

A player begins a session at $30

He or she continues until

a)Wins $20
b)Loses $20
c)Loses on 10 spins in a row

In all honest, there is a legitimacy to the idea behind it; however, a player can’t expect this to change his/her odds. This method is not going to help a player make big bank.

Ever hear of the play-and-run pathology? The diea behind this is simple. A player shouldn’t spend more than 10 minutes with one pirate slot game online. Once the 10 minutes are up, the player leaves to find another. One player evens suggest to walk away after 9 pulls.

This is insane to think this way. The play-and-run system is just like any other system it only looks good on paper.


Instead of looking to the above strategies, look at some of these suggestions. These are suggestions which actually work in a player’s favor.

1)Have some fun. This game is like anything else in life, do not take it too seriously. Go in with a mindset of loss, but hope for an occasional win. Just have fun. Plain and simple.

2)Do not look to the progressive slots. These have a high pay out and a low chance of winning. If a player does win, the amount is usually a bit less than indicated initially. Play the pirate slots that offer a lower amount of money. Players tend to win more with these. A little bit goes a long way. There are some players who are looking for that “life-changing” amount. It’s best to stick with something low.

3)Don’t use the “bill paying money”. Some players do this. This is a bad idea. A player should play with money he/she can afford to lose. If a player starts going down the above road, seek help immediately. This is a clear sign that there is a problem.

4) slow down, even online. Do not be in such a rush. The idea is to have fun, while making the most of the time being played. The more in a rush a player is, the more money he/she will lose. The idea is to put just a small amount in every hour. This is what kills many players. Please avoid this at all costs. Slow and steady wins the race.

5)Join a club. Go online to the game itself and join. These clubs offer special deals for those who are returning patrons. Take advantage of this. Online gaming is always looking for a way to get new people. Members will often times get special offers, offers that average players will not get.

For more information about the Microgaming Pirate themed online slot machine, go to the site. Become a member and start playing today.