Mega Moolah is an online competitive gambling site that offers a renowned jackpot of nearly millions of euros. The currency can be changed to pounds sterling or usd depending on whatever country players reside in. If gamblers or gamers are brand new to Mega Moolah then it’d be good to go ahead and explain that it’s a progressive slot machine game that can be found on numerous online gambling sites like Grand Reef Casino or Planet 7. Examples of these progressive slot machine games are, of course, Mega Moolah, Casino Cruise, or even cultural references like Dark Knight which is based on the Batman movie and Phantom of the Opera. They are all five reel slot machine games and players can even receive free spins among other bonuses.

It is not uncommon for gamblers who participate in Mega Moolah’s progressive slot machine games to earn more than millions in winnings alone. In fact, this is typically what Mega Moolah is known for and are actually considered pioneers for. The last player who had the highest jackpot was a total of €7.5 Million but just recently a few days ago a new player set another jackpot breaking record by earning $11 Million! Microgaming is the wonderful software developer behind Mega Moolah and due to this recent record breaking jackpot all sorts of online gambling sites are clamoring around to have them develop games for their sites. The slot machine games mentioned earlier also share the jackpot that these winners received by playing Mega Moolah so if players don’t like the feel of Mega Moolah they can always play another slot machine game but it has to be associated with the Microgaming family.

Gamblers and gamers should not feel left out if the enormous main jackpot isn’t awarded despite their frequent efforts of playing the progressive slot machine games. There are other jackpots that can be won, for instance, they could be considered participation winnings. The exciting millions of dollars, euros, pounds sterling, etc. jackpot is what causes customers to be frequent and die hard fans. Someone who wins in a whole other country isn’t exactly the point it’s more the fact that someone won to begin with. It shows that the game is not rigged, that whatever online gambling site players participate in is actually there for the customer and not just trying to get into their wallet.

While gamblers and gamers strive for the progressive millions of dollars jackpot hope still remains in the mini and minor jackpots. As stated before, the jackpots are significantly smaller and not worth as much. Possibly only worth a few thousand if players are lucky but this is still considered a great win if by chance the winner is someone who was considering cancelling said membership and quitting online gambling together. The mini and minor jackpots keep gamblers and gamers as repeat customers which increases the odds of other players having a chance to win the progressive jackpot.

Microgaming really does set Mega Moolah and their sibling slot machine games apart. While other sites or progressive slot machine games are just as or even more popular Microgaming has them beat by the gigantic jackpot awarded to loyal gamblers and gamers. This has been only touched on slightly before but another tactic online gambling sites use to keep the coveted jackpot so wealthy and rich is by offering free spins. Spins are not that expensive but what can lead gamblers and gamers to quickly run out of money is how much they bet and how many lines that are bet on. The free spins is a successful lure and fifty may not seem like much but it definitely has it’s worth.

When reading the instructions on how to play Mega Moolah or one of it’s sibling slot machine games it’s comforting to notice that the pay out rate is 95%. That is ten times more than other progressive slot machine games and just goes to show why gamblers and gamers frequent Microgaming’s slot machine games and stay ever loyal. Microgaming really knows how to appeal to their fan base. Another feature that keeps players coming back for more is that there is an option to play Mega Moolah or other sibling progressive slot machine games right from your mobile phone! Granted a smart phone is needed but who doesn’t have one of those in present times? The option or chance to win one of the smaller jackpots is just as prevalent as it is if players were gambling on a desktop or laptop computer.

Pretty sure a little clarification needs to be added about the jackpots lower than the progressive jackpot. The one that everyone is after or eager to win. There is Mini, Minor, Major and Mega. The Mini and Minor jackpots are the ones where it is only possible to win at least maybe a few thousand euros, pounds sterling, or whatever gambler’s currency of choice happens to be selected. The Major jackpot, however, is only somewhat smaller than the Mega. Right now the Mega stands at $11 million or €10 Million but the major jackpot racks up at a pretty hefty €3.7 million. This is just another wonderful feature that that the geniuses at MicroGaming have created to instill loyalty and love into their fan base. There are other more fair jackpots to be won but none can compare to Mega Moolah.