There are people all over the world who claim to be able to predict the future. Predictions are often just guesses at a hopeful reality that many wish for, often untrue. Comparable forecasts from the movie “Back to the Future” predicted the Chicago Cubs winning the 2015 World Series which sadly turned out to be bogus. Many things in this world come with projections, most never reached. Even the top boss in Vegas could have never imagined the thrilling success of online gambling. A whopping 41 billion dollar industry that cuts much of the overhead out because brick and mortar buildings are not needed. Better yet online gambling can be done from anywhere. Yes, anywhere, place your bet in bed, while on the train, during a wedding or even on the toilet, gross but absolutely possible in this world full of high technology.

Today’s world is vastly different than it was one hundred years ago and it continues to change. One area that has shown drastic statistical changes is that of gambling. It was not long ago that Las Vegas was the only gambling destination in America. Vegas grew fast and became a very successful town over the last eight decades. Gambling was banned from 1905 until 1931 when it was legalized. Vegas was thought to be run by the mafia and other dangerous crime bosses underground before it was legalized.

Las Vegas has become the largest gambling town on record. People all over the country flock to Vegas for rest and relaxation but often leave with the chimes of the slot machines floating through their heads. It is often said that four days is about all most can take from the high energy neon lights of the town. It has also become the wedding capital of the world as well. It used to be the quickie divorce capital of the world. In 1978 Atlantic City was developed with the thought that it would grow to be an eastern United States Version of Las Vegas, which never happened. It is a fun tourist destination but it is nothing even comparable to Las Vegas, which people all over the world are drawn to for it beautiful ingenuity of buildings, shows, clubs, cheap buffets and of course the mainstay, casinos.

In the last two decades Las Vegas has slowly come face to face with a formidable opponent. There is a huge possibility that the new age of gambling could change the way lively metropolises such as Vegas function. The team that is speeding forward with an abundance of growth is something not even predicted by Bugsy Segal himself. After all it would have been quite impossible in the 1940’s to even venture the idea of a computer, period. As time has gone by landing in the middle 1990’s the first online casinos showed up. It started with only a handful and by 1999 there were no less than two hundred online casinos. Today there are way more online casinos but with the legal than not legal and back to legal notion many are not well known. This leaves us uncertain to how many online casino’s there might actually be. Considering it to be a 41 billion dollar industry it is quite safe to say well over one thousand casinos must exist.

The casino bandwagon is being jumped on by many from all over the world and why not? The only big problem with online casinos is they could be anywhere and the rules apply based on what country of origin they are in. Actually this was quite a problem because many were popping up that were so unregulated people lost money because they paid in but the casino never paid out. That’s a scary premise when gambling can go from a fun time, happy and ready to lose five hundred dollars to the house being on the line. Not the gambling house but the house where the gambler actually lives. The good news is that online casinos are regulated better than back then. Online Casinos have a long way to go in order to be a safe place to put ones money. There are a few that are regulated.

There has been quite a bit of misinterpretation of the laws governing online gambling in the United States. In 2002 the federal government took the stance of the federal wire act is covering all types of gambling where a few states so it only as online sports betting. No matter which way it is looked at or what might be correct online gambling is bringing in a large amount of money in. This is reaching to stimulate economies all over the World. The idea of online gambling can be frightening to those whose family members and friends struggle with gambling but in more than one study it has been determined that having online gambling does not constitute more gambling problems than any other in house gambling service.

Many feel that if online gambling was completely legal (it is in some states) it would lead to better regulation of the industry. As of August 2015 there is a push from seven different states to completely legalize internet gambling they are: Illinois, California, Washington, New York, Mississippi, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Currently the only states that have already legalized online gambling are Nevada (no surprise there), Delaware, New Jersey and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The idea of regulating online casinos leaves the door open for taxing gambling online. This would give the states a chance at making money on the 41 billion dollar industry which continues to have plenty of room for growth. All that have to accomplish is to get people rejecting the ideas to understand that is helpful not a hindrance.