There are a lot of reasons to play at BETAT Casino and one of the biggest is the huge selection of games they have available for play. But with so many choices, how do you decide which games to play? One factor is examine is the FTP for the game. That is short for “Return To Player” and it stands for the percentage rate that is the average payout for the game. But that rate is averaged over a long period of time and with any game, there are going to be streaks when people are winning more than the average or less than the average. So how do you know which ones are most likely to be a “hot” or “cold” title for players?

BETAT Casino has a special tab which easily answers that question. The “Hot & Cold” tab, located on the front page next to the list of all the games available, has a list of the hottest and coldest games, taken from the period covering the last three hours. The list takes a look at every game available at BETAT Casino and compares the game’s published RTP score with what it has paid out over the past three hours.

Having that information helps players in a couple of ways. Some players are going to want to jump on a hot title and try to ride that winning streak for awhile. Other players will take the contrarian view and pick a cold title, assuming that the winning percentage is only going to get better and they’ll ride that improvement all the way up.

For instance, the game “Beach” is listed right now as being a very hot title. It’s average RTP over the past three hours is 143%, which means it’s been paying out nearly 50% above its posted average RTP. “Beach” is a fun game, set on a beach and featuring a lively animated purple octopus. It’s a five reel, three line slot game, but rather than spinning in a traditional fashion, the icons are “spun” when the waves come in and deposit the reels and lines on the beach. The octopus wild symbol can swap any two items and the scatter symbol is a message in a bottle.

Another current “hot” game is “Disco Spins,” which tends to be on the hot list quite a bit. The game is a Disco-themed slot game, with five reels and three lines. The scatter symbol is a disco ball and the wild symbol comes up with random disco dancers. Playing it is good, cheesy fun and it’s a blast to play no matter what the current RTP percentage might be.

If you’re a player who likes to buck the trends, you might be interested in games that are currently paying much less than their stated RTP. Some players have the theory these games are due for an improvement and they’d like to be there when it happens. It is a risky approach, but the upside is strong if you time things correctly.

Currently, one of the coldest games at BETAT Casino is “Lucky Angler,” which is paying a RTP of about 30 percent. The game is a five reel, three line slot game, with a slightly goofball-looking fishing theme. The wild symbol is a golden fish on a hook and that will help you win free games. Since the theme isn’t just about fishing, but specifically ice fishing, the scatter symbol is a school of fish swimming just below the ice.

But the coldest game right now is “Crime Scene,” which has a current RTP payout of just above 25 percent. It’s difficult to imagine a less-successful percentage, although it’s certainly not the fault of this very entertaining game. This CSI-themed game is a typical five reel, three line slot game. There is the chance to win free plays or play a special bonus game. In particular, the bonus game is fun because it involves matching up money hidden behind crime scene file folders. A bronze police badge is the wild symbol and the scatter symbol is a random piece of crime scene evidence. The theme of the game certainly isn’t for everyone, but the playability is fine and if you’re looking to play something very different than the normal slot game, this is a good choice.

Since the data is refreshed every three hours, the list of “hot” and “cold” games will change on a regular basis. While some players might prefer to just play their favorite games and take their chances with the results, I like the idea of having a side-by-side comparison of the games. Plus, this type of list introduces me to some games which I might not have ordinarily tried. BETAT Casino has wide range of games and there’s no way you could play them all. So having some suggestions on what to play next is a great help to me.

But regardless of your gaming philosophy or the types of games you like to play, BETAT Casino’s hot and cold list is a nice feature. It’ll help your winning percentage and give you one more factor to consider as you choose which games are the best for you and your gaming style.