About the company:

Genii is a popular gaming technology provider that focuses solely on building the next generation online gaming platform. With growing technology, you have to be able to compete at a high level. That is what Genii does. The company is steered by a group of talented and creative entrepreneurs that lead the field in terms of both business of gaming and technological innovation, during the 90’s.

Genii was built on the recognition that the online gaming industry is a fast growing business and that the space it covers today is vastly different from the early days back when technology was simple and not nearly as powerful. Atari is a great example. This was a simple machine that anyone could play, but it was not nearly as powerful as the modern day Xbox or PlayStation. There is a culture of innovation ingrained within the gaming industry, but not just innovation for innovation’s sake. Any form of innovation that works well, enhances and improves as consumers find new interests.

Genii has developed over the years after creation. Now Genii has licensed and integrated a suite of individual products which work in-sync to form a fully completed and comprehensive leading solution for any online gaming operation.

At the companies main core, the Genii platform runs on a real-time engine co-developed with Microsoft. The storage innovators Fusion-io and infrastructure giant Dell also have pitched in innovative ideas to help the cause. The hybrid architecture supports the best of the cloud technologies in order to achieve a highly scaled and liability tolerant distribution platform that is capable of rapid evolution. The key with evolution is adapting to the change. As markets change, so do customers needs and wants. As a well rounded company, you have to be able to adapt to changes in order to thrive. Within the gaming industry there will always be new and improved companies that grow to compete in a certain industry. One must look at that situation as a motivation rather than a discouragement. When one gaming company comes out with new features, you must bounce back with even better futures that better catch the eye and focus in more on the future of technology. Old technology that is left in the dust, stays in the dust unless cleaned up.

Just think about Call of Duty and Halo for a second. These are two popular games made by big name developers. With so many games made in this series, it is often hard to keep customers happy when there isn’t much to be added. Companies need to be able to look into the future of gaming in order to convince buyers that the new product is better than the older ones and worth the retail price.

Another unique and useful feature of Genii’s offering is their Follow The Sun approach. This approach focuses in on the global idea of a global workflow. That means that specific work tasks are passed around the globes reflecting different time zones. This way everyone around the globe that participates, can share ideas. The work is dived up evenly so that the duration of a project won’t take nearly as long and there is an increase in responsiveness and motivation. Companies will have specialized developers all around the world working as one team. When one worker finishes his or her task at the end of each day, another takes up their work and continues. Think of it as a chain. Everyone is connected to each other to accomplish the same goals. There can be no extra downtime in product development and integrations should be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The well known online casino games developer Genii, has signed his seventh partnership in just two months. Signing this deal allows Genii to provide its games to Malta-licensed platform and services provider OMEGA Gaming.
This new deal will allow Genii’s casino games portfolio to expand to over 130 different types of games, including Spin16 product rage which is offered through the OMEGA Core Gaming Platform.

OMEGA joins other gaming companies such as LeoVegas, TAIN, Iforium, Altenar, Gaming Innovation Group, and Starfish Media in participating in the launch of the supplier’s products.

Omega has been providing a log of help directing its clients towards achieving their goals in the gaming industry. Omega acts as a very reliable partner. Genii has been excited to offer its portfolio of games and show off the strength of its products.

The CORE solution program provides one single source of management for all parts of the gaming organizational structures, such as the design of gaming systems, payment processors, strategically used bonus systems, and implementing third party services.

All of Genii’s games are currently supported on Windows, Apple products (IOS), and Android platforms. Overall there are available just about anywhere on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Genii showed of their big portfolio of multi channel games designed to boost player experience through more player engagement and interaction from all around the world.

To see a demo, action shots, and more information about Genii itself, visit their website.