The use of social media has increased widely and most people make visiting social media sites their habits. People are spending more and more time online but about 1/10th of their time goes to the gaming sites. With this, people also need to take precautions due to security, fraud and privacy issues. About 40% time that people spend online goes for three things – interaction with the social networks, playing online games and checking emails. Social networking sites are used 22.7% times when people go online. The online games that forms healthy chunk of social games takes about 10.2% of available internet time while emails takes about 8.3% of your total time spent online. If calculations are made monthly then social networking sites consume 906 million hours followed by games (407 million hours) and then the email activities with 329 million hours.

The use of internet is becoming very common now and it is being used for various purposes like school work or professional work or for keeping in touch with the friends. In the past few years, gaming takes over a huge internet usage and a study shows that the amount of time that people spend playing online games is going to increase.

According to the report by Online Gaming Global Outlook, about 10% time is spent in playing online casino games and other online game websites. Increase in access of high speed internet all over the world allows support for online games just as some similar technologies did not aid in playing games online. Due to this, the users are spending more time in playing online casino games and other types of browser games.

The developers are creating more and more new and innovative games to meet the demand for online games. The number of gamers is increasing in the online world. Also, there has been increase in mobile devices and it supports mobile gaming activities. The time people spend in playing online games is more likely to increase in near future. The online game developers are preparing host of new software for devices like iPad 2 and Blackberry PlayBook. According to the latest report, on an average all the U.S. gamers who are 13 ages or more spend 6.3 hours a week playing online games in 2013. In 2012, it was 5.6 hours, 5.1 hours in 2011. The time spent on gaming is increasing every year. All the fun lovers love gaming.

The seventh generation consoles like Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 may beat PCs by 33-34% and the mobiles took the third position by being at 10%. The tablets were at 9%, the gaming handhelds were at 6% and the eight generation consoled at 4% while the others were held at 4%. People who used to play games on consoles have now started playing games in their phones and tablets also. According to recent survey, the percentage of people playing games in mobile devices is increasing every year. On an average, an adult internet user spends about 20 hours in a week by playing games online. Tablets are used by four out of ten adults who go online. This was not the case about ten years ago. Increased use of internet has also increased demands for protection.

People are spending twice the time that they used to spend online compared to last 10 years. This is mainly because of increased use of tablets and smartphones. The increase in use of internet is mainly among 16 – 24 years people. In 2005, the time spent every week was 10 hours and 24 minutes and in 2014 it has grown to 27 hours 36 minutes.

Increase in the number of tablets and smartphones is boosting time that people spend online. The iPad, Android and other devices has helped tablets to get into the mainstream. About 5% adults were using tablets to go online in 2010 and now it is 39% in 2014. Use of smartphones have become more than double now as it was 30% in 2010 and it is 66% in 2014. The amount of time that people spend online while being away from home, work or study place has increased five-fold in the past ten years.

Overall use of internet has increased in the last few years. Many people are using TV and videos over the internet only. About 27% internet users watch movies and serials online now. There is a steady rise in this percentage over the years. About 40% internet users watch video clips online. The mobile phones have become a primary device for gaming and most mobile users play game in their mobile at least once a week. Fifteen percent adults use tablets mainly for gaming purpose. There is a greater trend of instant messaging nowadays through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, BBM and many other sources. This helps people to stay connected with each other in their busy lives. This is more in trend among 25 – 34 years old people.

This convergence may continue with the unique characteristics of computers, mobiles and other devices that have rich features and is just a counterpart of PCs. About 2/3rd youth who is online would play video games online. This is much popular with men and children of younger age. The use of video games has decreased with age and online games have become more famous now. Online games are becoming more and more popular now. The young gamers are spending more and more time playing online games compared to the people who are above 25 years. Typically men spend more time playing games compared to women. Playing games is considered less crucial for entertainment compared to the other general pursuits.