I personally have an avid love of gambling. Admittedly it is not the best habit, but I find it takes the stress away after a long hard day or after a moment in life that has left you broken. I used to find myself driving to the casino a lot which is great but after a while the gas bill added up and I knew I couldn’t afford to make the half hour drive anymore after work. I was upset for a while because I enjoyed gambling and at the time in my life, I needed a stress reliever. It was then I decided to look at online gambling. I tried several sites to no real success. It just seemed they were mostly all unfair or a scam. Most didn’t pay out and some were free. I didn’t enjoy them because I couldn’t take the chance at winning any money.

It was one day I stumbled across the 777 Dragon Online Casino. It was the fairest, most profitable online casino I had tried yet and from that point on I was hooked. What makes the 777 Dragon Online Casino fairer than most is that they offer so many deals and specials and loyalty points to their customers and newcomers. I personally won one hundred dollars while playing Blackjack with them and it was a great feeling. I finally felt like I wasn’t being scammed and I hadn’t had to drive all the way across town and back home to achieve it. For the first time, it seemed like I had actually found a fair online casino. When I have the money and I can afford it, this site is one of the only sites I go to. I have won in total a good two hundred and fifty dollars which is not bad as far as gambling goes. I’ve lost probably an equal amount so it really evens itself out. If I had to choose a second online casino that was fair and met my standards, it would have to be The Grand Parker Online Casino. I have also had a fair amount of luck with them.

They offer several games including Coyote Cash, Cleopatra and my personal favorite: Blackjack. In conclusion, these are the fairest casinos I’ve dealt with, so they are out there. It’s just a matter of picking and choosing and sorting through the right ones. You have to eliminate the ones that are a waste of time and find what suits you best. It all mainly comes down to common sense and preference. Don’t let yourself be scammed out of money to an online gambling site that claims to be fair but is actually just a cyber thief. Don’t give your credit card number to any gambling site you even think may be a virus and look at the payout rates and percentages before you play. This will save you a lot headache in the long run. As always, gamble responsibly and have fun while doing it!