The Betway Group is a leading company in online gambling that provides entertainment as well as financial gains to players who win after participating in a gambling game. It was founded in 2006 and received an operating license that is guided and subject to a set of strict laws as well as terms of service. Betway offers gambling games opportunities and any proceeds a customer makes from winning a gamble are is tax free for Europe based players. Betway Group has a string of affiliate groups that operate and offer different gambling opportunities in different parts of Europe as well as outside Europe. The affiliate groups are Betway Casino, Betway Bingo, Betway sportsbook, Betway Vegas, and Betway poker. Betway’s operating licenses are recognized across countries like Italy, United Kingdom, Malta, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and Belgium.

In order for a company to operate efficiently, most companies always have a central office where instructions, orders and key decisions are made. For Betway, it has two lead centers, one in Malta and another in Guernsey, that are always in touch with each other to promote efficiency. On top of this, there are support centers in London, Isle Island, and Cape Town. Betway Group is an active and concrete member to The Remote Gambling Association, European Sports Security Association, and Independent Adjudication service and has accreditation from an international agency called eCOGRA. Because Betway is benefitting and allowing players to benefit from the sweat of professional sportsmen, there was need to enter into a partnership with Professional Players Federation which was formulated to protect promote and ensure eventual development of the interests of all professional sports persons in the United Kingdom.

Recently, Betway application to offer eSports betting made a major breakthrough by striking a deal with the ESL United Kingdom. Betway offers a variety of eSports betting games that are available every single day and in a variety. Players can choose to bet online on eSports in games like rugby, football, tennis, boxing, hockey, basketball, volleyball, cricket, polo among other major games in the world. This is a clear indication that Betway is dedicated to ensuring that each and evert bettor bets according to preference without conflicting the terms and conditions of service. Apart from the above mentioned games being available for eSports betting, casino games are also available on the company’s online betting website. Among the Casino games on the site for eSports betting are League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Dota 2, FIFA and Counter-strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Chances of games for bet missing on any given day are minimal since there is always an endless list of games to place bets for and come with lucrative returns when a correct prediction is made.

As the first known bookmaker that launched a dedicated eSports website, Betway has to ensure that players and eSports fans get an opportunity to bet on a wide variety of games in relation to in play bets, pre-game bets as well as long term bets. Betway eSports betting portal received designs that were made by keen and skilled technology experts and the company’s passionate efforts and commitment to eSports. One characteristic that is associated with Betway is the way it is committed to regulate the practice of eSports gambling through a sound legal backing and excellent infrastructure to take any challenge as well offer continued support so as success can be achieved, and players keep entertained, Most of the existing firms that have games on eSports lack this key characteristic.

Betway has an incentive that is aimed at attracting more new players into eSports online betting on its portal. The incentive is such that any new player who creates an account with Betway eSports gets a free 30 pounds that can be used as a start for virtual money betting. Having such a free bet had to be regulated. The major terms guiding Betway’s free bet are: the free bet available for new players only upon creating an Esports account, provision of one free bet per player, the free bet is subject to first deposit and is unlocked when the new player places a bet or series of bets that total the first deposit amount, Free bet amount is valid for a duration of seven days after unlocking and Betway’s terms and conditions for betting on eSports apply. Betway’s eSports portal has more special and exciting opportunity based features to players. The new betting features include what team will be the first to make ten kills, which team will win first blood, which team will win the first map, which team will win by predicting the final score and so many more.

Betway has an incentive on eSports that is meant to keep and retain bettors. Bettors are involved in the company’s loyalty scheme that rewards players with points while moving around and looking for games to bet on in eSports portal. A player can redeem points anytime for bet money. For example, a player who has accumulated 5,000 points can redeem them for 10 pounds which is a big advantage. If a customer encounters any problem with eSports portal or virtual money, Betway is always available and can be contacted either by mail, live chats or phone calls.

Betway has been supportive to sports causes in the UK. This is evident because it offered 20 million pounds to become the main sponsor to English Premier League side West Ham United. By launching eSports portal, Betway joins the likes of Pinnacle Sports which introduced its eSports portal in 2010 and has grown ever since to rank as the 7th largest gaming market, beating prestigious sports like Golf. Since the inception of the eSports portal, Betway has been able to take multiple our figure bets which is a good sign for growth and development.