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PaySafe Card

Paysafe card: Making Payments made easier.

With the invention of the internet and its extensive use all over the world, so much has been simplified including payments methods. The Paysafe card is one proven and reliable online payment method. It is the most popular pre-paid card in Europe and was launched in 2000. The company is based in Vienna, Austria.
These cards can be bought in most outlets like supermarkets or petrol stations, making it easy to enjoy payments at any webshop available. With a Paysafe card, your privacy is completely protected. No bank account, credit card or personal information is required to complete a transaction. Payments are made using a username and a password. The card needs topping up using the 16 digit Paysafe card PIN. The combined value of the PINs is the exact amount available for use. The PINs are available in denominations of £ 10, £ 25, £ 50, £ 75 and £ 100. In case you want to make larger payments, you can combine Paysafe card PINs.

Examples of payments made using a Paysafe card are;

Social media – social networks and communities like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Badoo and the rest have become part of our daily lives. They are used for keeping in touch with friends, family or colleagues and for meeting new people. However, social games and apps have been incorporated which entail inviting friends to play with you.
Online games – with over 132 million gamers in Europe, Paysafe cards have provided a safe and reliable means of payment. This enables the players to progress faster in their game especially if they are buying items for their game characters.

Online dating – traditional dating is not the only way to meet a suitable partner. Millions of singles hope to find love on online dating sites. With most of them accepting payments from Paysafe cards, the search is made easier and enjoyable.

Film, Music, and entertainment – there is an unlimited selection online. Paysafe card makes it easier to shop at amazon, listen to your favorite music, and watch TV shows and films.
Internet services – In case you store your photos, videos or music online for sharing with friends it’s important to consider hiring the services of any hosting and web service provider.
Online sports – most people who engage in online betting can enjoy playing using a Paysafe card when betting. The card is safe for poker and bingo. These services are better when using sites that accept Paysafe cards.

To enhance more efficiency in the provision of services, Paysafe card has:

1. A sales outlet finder – Helps customers to identify locations of pay safe card sales outlets near them right away. It helps save the client time that could have been wasted in finding an outlet manually.

2. Smartphone app – the entry of smartphones in the market has prompted the development of a Paysafe card app available for android phones and iOS.This app new version has been available since August 2013 and downloading is completely free. Some features are;
• A clear overview due to the redesigned homepage.
• Ability to check the current balance, add Paysafe card PINs or even go through past transactions.
• Help in finding sales outlets. When you enter your location, the app will determine an outlet using your phone.
• An improved design that provides ease in navigation.
• Extensive links are providing answers to questions asked frequently.
• Regular updates on online promotions, latest news, and competitions.

3. Security – Paysafe cards are safe but in order to maintain this, security guidelines have to be provided to fight any new threats like scams, malware or hackers. The goal of these criminal elements is to access the credit on people’s Paysafe cards PINs. The safety measures include;
• Entering Paysafe card PINs only at authorized webshops.
• Not using email or telephone to pass Paysafe card PINs.
• Not complying with any demand from the government authorities, law firms or institutions to pay a fine with a Paysafe card because they are not webshops.
• A virus called BKA/GEMA normally demands payment of fines from the victims and can even threaten to erase the hard drives. They can even suggest that the user is required to buy a windows license and pay for the update using a Paysafe card. All this is ways to confuse the user so he/she should not comply.
• Treating unfamiliar files you receive in your email from websites with caution because they can be potential malware. This is because installing an antivirus doesn’t guarantee complete protection.
• Being aware of telephone fraud which involves large cash prize winnings and debt write- offs which will eventually require you to use your Paysafe card.
There are no extra charges except for a Paysafe card owner who has not used their card for twelve months. This generally attracts a monthly fee of $2 from the thirteenth month.
The company attributes its success to the high levels of customer acceptance due to the provision of quality services, and the increasing number of web shops caused by more consumers.