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Dreams casino is an online casino that has software that can be either downloaded or played directly from the web site; which is a nice change of pace from most casinos that demand their software is downloaded before anyone can play. They also allow people to test their games from the site before creating an account, which lets them see if the casino is one they want to play at or not. This sets them apart from most other online gambling sites, as few others allow potential players to test what games are offered.

However, before an individual decides to play at the casino, they need to look at the terms and conditions, as there is a very long list of countries that are not allowed to play. The reason for this is international gambling laws are not the same for every country and in some countries, online gambling is completely prohibited. By offering a .pdf list of the countries that can and cannot play, Dream casino is protecting not only their staff members, but the people who would play as well. It is the responsibility of the player to discern whether people from their country are allowed to play or not.

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While most casinos allow people who are eighteen years old or older to play, Dream prohibits anyone under the age of twenty-one from playing for cash. This protects the casino from the possibility that a younger player would attempt to gamble with a parent’s credit card; this protects both the players and the casino itself from having to deal with the legal implications that emerge when a younger player is not authorized to use a credit or debit card to deposit money. Also, there are several countries in which the legal gambling age is twenty-one.

Dream has a wide variety of promotions for its players to claim. To begin with, the deposit and redeposit bonuses can be claimed multiple times; these bonuses add an additional amount of free money to a player’s account when they deposit their own money. There is oftentimes a playthrough requirement on deposit bonuses; meaning that someone must play a certain number of times before they can withdraw their winnings. This wagering requirement prevents people from claiming money that they did not actually win- and allows players to earn a substantial amount of money when they meet the playthrough requirements.

A Dreams Casino VIP member automatically receives one thousand free credits per week, as long as their VIP membership remains active. This is just an incentive for players to join the VIP club and one way to make it more lucrative than it would have been if they did not include free money. Other casinos may offer various rewards that can be claimed once, but Dream automatically deposits this money into their VIP members’ accounts at the end of every week. One of the many benefits for having this happen is that when a player runs low on the money they have in their account, they can continue to play on the money that the casino gives them.

VIP members is also able to earn comp points, which they can redeem at the cashier and while VIP status is arranged via tiers, each tier comes with its own rewards. For instance, the lowest tier offers a free $100 welcome chip for new members and they are able to earn one comp point for every $1,250 that they play through at the casino. VIP memberships can end up being somewhat expensive though, especially when the player wants to join the highest tier; which they must deposit a minimum of $5,000 to join.

Dream casino has over fifty-six slot games, in addition to poker, blackjack, baccarrat, rummy, pontoon, roulette, keno and craps. With such a wide range of games, there is something for everyone to play, regardless of what kind of games they enjoy. Because of the sheer number of games available, there is simply no way that anyone could end up getting bored. Another popular staple that Dream offers is video poker; which is a game that countless people enjoy. There are many variations of poker available; including three-card stud.

Unfortunately, Dream does not offer many deposit methods. At this time, they only allow Visa, MasterCard and Neteller transactions. As money transfers, money orders, PayPal and the other popular banking options are not available and there is no notice as to whether or not they will be accepted in the future, players have very limited options for withdrawing and depositing money into their accounts. While this does limit the possibility of fraud occuring, it also restricts the playerbase severely, especially since only non-US players can use Neteller. Another restriction is that there is a limit of $2,000 a week that can be withdrawn. The casino does not know how long it will take for approved withdrawals to be processed, which is another limitation that players will not like.

In addition, certain forms must be filled out and all information a player submits must be verified before a credit card transaction can be completed. While this is a security measure to ensure that credit card fraud does not happen, it also extends the wait time for any credit card transaction to be made. Between the limited payout options and the slow processing time, players may become rather impatient when they are attempting to deposit or withdraw their money.

Customer service can be contacted via phone, live chat, e-mail or fax. They are available at all times of the day or night, seven days a week; however, on the weekends, people should expect to have to wait a few minutes before they can connect with an agent, due to how many people play on Saturday and Sunday. This is something that can be expected at any casino, however, because the weekends are the most popular days to play.

In regard to security, there is a little bit of a concern. Even though Dream claims that their casino is perfectly secure, they do not use the same levels of security that other online casinos do. In fact, the only security they even list is that they use SSL encryption. This can be called into question, as they do not state whether players’ information is stored on the servers or not and SSL is not as secure as some people think it is.

Despite all the shortcomings and limitations of the casino, Dream is the only casino that virtually anyone can play. The requirements for running their software is a computer that uses Windows 95 or better and a minimum of 16 megabytes of RAM. This means the software could even be run on dial-up internet, as long as the player has basically any computer that was made after the year 1997. People who are still running AOL 3.0 are able to play as well. While the system requirements may seem to be outdated, it allows people who do not have access to new computers or fast Interet to play.

Dreams casino also offers $25 free no deposit bonus at the Builder Beaver game.