Did You Get Your Casino Account Locked?

Online gambling can be exciting and fun but the fun comes to an end when you find that you’re account has been unfairly locked. This can happen for a variety of reasons which may or may not be your fault. In some cases it may be a huge misunderstanding between you and the casino while in others it may be the case of some botched paperwork or credit card info. In any case, when your account it locked the best course of action is to try and contact the casino to see if you can get the issue resolved. If that doesn’t work, CasinoMeister.com is there here to help. Now let’s look at a few of the reasons why your account may get locked.

Why is My Account Locked

Like we went over before, your account being locked may or may not be your fauilt. One of the main reasons it could have been locked is because the casino may think you are colluding with another player to cheat the system or gain an advantage. This generally happens in poker games that you play against other people. Remember, the casino doesn’t need proof to lock your account.

Another reason your account might get locked is because you won a lot of money and the casino doesn’t want to pay up. This may sound underhanded but it does happen. In some cases they may even lock your account while you still have your own money deposited in it, leading to an even greater amount of frustration on your part. If you think that a casino is pulling this trick on you, contact CasinoMeister.com immediately and let them lend you a hand. Keep in mind that when a casino pulls this trick they aren’t going to make it obvious, instead they’ll use some sort of excuse like saying you were colluding with another player or that your credit card info was wrong or something.

A mistake on your paper work or credit card info can cause your account to get locked. It may seem odd but it is easy to make mistakes on this kind of information and when it is discovered it can make the casino suspicious of you. It can also give them an excuse to lock your account if you have won a lot of money or have deposited a lot of money. Make sure your information is always 100% correct so that they can’t use this as an excuse.

In some cases a casino may lock your account and confiscate your winnings with no warning or explanation. This is a rare occurrence but it has been known to happen. If contacting the casino and trying to reason things out with them fails CasinoMeister.com is here to help you get your account unlocked ASAP.

Also remember that sometimes the casino isn’t locking your account to try and steal your money and it may not be a mistake on your part. Sometimes the casino simply makes a mistake when reviewing your account and locks it. These situations are usually very easily resolved.

What is Casinomeister.com and How Can it Help?

Casinomeister was founded in 1998 to advocate fair play by casinos and players. They go about this by providing players with information on casinos that helps establish a bond of trust so that gambling will be easier and safer for the player. In contrast to casinos which are profit driven businesses, Casinomeister is an information driven business and making money is not their top priority. They understand that many profit driven businesses can engage in ethically questionable activities and work to keep players informed.

A big part of Casinomeister’s work is helping players who have had their accounts unfairly locked to get them unlocked. In the forums there is a complaint section that allows your to post your issue and, if applicable, the Casinomeister admin will look into it for you. If you require further assistance, you can contact support directly via email. Casinomeister will do what they can to provide you with the information you need to understand why your account was locked and tell you the quickest and easiest way to get it unlocked.

Casinomeister also works hard to help prevent these kinds of problems from happening in the first place by providing you with information regarding casinos, how trustworthy they are, and exposing fraudsters who are scamming players. Ultimately the best way to deal with a locked account is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Casinomeister.com has all the information you could ever want when it comes to making your online gambling experience safe and secure. You can also chat on the forums with fellow players to get an idea of how things work at various casinos and how to stay safe and protect your money.

Pitch a Bitch – Getting Your Account Unlocked

The most direct course of action when it comes to getting your account unlocked is Casinomeister’s “Pitch a Bitch” program. The name may sound odd but the program is highly affective for getting your issue resolved ASAP. The way the program works is simple; You contact Casinomeister and explain your problem and the casino you’re having trouble with. Casinomeister then contacts the casino on your behalf and sets up a discourse between you and the casino with Casinomeister acting as the conduit. They use all of their gambling and casino expertise as well as reasoned logic to help get your account unlocked and your issue resolved as fast as possible.

Keep in mind that there are times when casinos are not receptive to the Pitch a Bitch service. In these cases the casinos typically ignore Casinomeister’s attempts at communication. In circumstances such as these Casinomeister will direct you to the appropriate channels (such as licensed jurisdiction) to help you resolve your problem as quickly as possible. The casino will also be reported in the Casinomeister “warning” section or their “rogue casino” section to help warn other players of their shady practices.

There are a few other facts you should know about the Pitch a Bitch service. First of all it is a free service. It is also private, discreet, and effective most of the time. However you should also realize that the Pitch a Bitch service is not necessarily a way to get a casino to pay you. It is also not a service that can be used to force a casino to give in to your every whim. The Pitch a Bitch service is founded on fair play and communication to help players resolve their issues with a casino in a timely manner.

Keep Your Account from Being Locked

The best way to deal with a locked account is to prevent it from happening in the first place. And one of the best ways to do that is to only do business with casinos that are accredited by Casinomeister.com. This is essentially a list that lives up to the standards of ethics set by Casinomeister. These standards include a variety of “rules” concerning how the player is treated, how the casino markets its business, how they handle operations, and things like industry and player assurances. Casinomeister take’s its standards and list of accredited casinos very seriously so you know that any casino listed is good to go.

For information on casinos who have questionable ethics and business practices you’ll want to look into the “Rogue Casino” section. This section lists various casinos that have been responsible for player issues in the past either through willful intent, negligence, or simply having sloppy business practices. The section is divided into various sub sections such as the “Casino Warnings” section that outlines player complaints, the “Rogue Casinos” list which lists casinos that Casinomeister considers to be a complete disgrace to the industry and why, and the “Not Recommended Casinos” which is a list of casinos that aren’t quite bad enough to be listed as “rogue” yet but should still be avoided for the time being.

In addition to providing you with info on “rogue” casinos, Casinomeister.com also has information on related businesses to avoid. Their “Rogue Affiliate Programs” section will inform you of affiliate programs that are engaged in shady business practices, their “Evil Software Provider” section will show you which software providers to avoid and why, and their “Fake Watchdog Sites” will expose gambling ethics sites which are fake and used solely to promote certain casinos as ethical entities.

No Can Do List

One thing to remember is that while Casinomeister can help you get your issue resolved most of the time, there are exceptions. Certain casinos have ignored the Pitch a Bitch program and refuse to listen to reason or provide any sort of communication. These casinos are listed in the “No Can Do” list. The purpose of this list is basically to inform you of casinos that Casinomeister is unable to help with if there is a problem. This is because the casino refuses to communicate to help resolve issues. By avoiding the casinos on this list you are able to ensure that Casinomeister can help you if you ever do have a problem.

Free Services

In addition to the Pitch a Bitch service Casinomeister also provides a number of other free services for players like yourself to enjoy. The forums are a great place to talk with other players about various forms of gambling, casino ethics, and to share information about your experiences at certain casinos.

Casinomeister.com also offers three different newsletters: one for players, one for affiliates, and one for operators. While these newsletters are free you do have to sign up to the mailing list to receive them. You can take a peek into the archives without signing up though.

They also offer a webcast for you to enjoy via YouTube (UK) and have a frequently updated “Online Casino News” section for you as well. Staying informed about the latest online gambling news, particularly about casino ethics and such, is easy at Casinomeister.com.

If you’re looking for new gambling experiences you can checkout the “Casino Reviews” section and see what Casinomeister thinks about various online casinos. This will give you a good idea of which casinos are worth doing business with and which ones suit your particular style and needs.

Meister Clubs

In addition to the forum, you can also get social on Casinomeister.com by joining various “Meister Clubs.” These are basically chat group style sub forums where you and other members can talk about specific topics. For example, you can join the Music Lovers club and talk about music, or join the We {Heart} Cats club and have fun posting cat pictures.

Casinomeister.com also supports donations to a variety of charities. If you support the work that Casinomeister is doing they encourage you to visit their list of charities and make a donation to them.

Staying Safe When Gambling Online

Having your account locked is no fun and it can cheat you out of a lot of money in some cases. If you have had your account locked don’t panic of flip out. Contact the casino manager and try to resolve the issue, if that doesn’t work, go to Casinomeister.com and give their Pitch a Bitch program a try. This is your best bet when it comes to getting your issue resolved and getting your account unlocked in a timely manner. Remember, Casinomeister.com is always there to help you when you need them.

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