While there are many, many table games to play while in a casino there are a only a couple that deserve the title of the best table games in the casino. It may even be a toss up between these two. While blackjack is the definite most played table game many types of Poker seem to be coming in a close second! There are many other games that are a close third to these guys as well! There are just so many that are so much fun!

Blackjack – Once reason this one stays so popular is the simple fact you can’t go wrong here! Also there is a sort of comfort level here. It really is one of the most popular and most played table games around! Maybe it has something to do with the simplicity of it as well. The key is to have a card total of 21 or as near it as possible. What ever happens do not go over 21. Every one around the table plays the same game against the dealer (the house). The cards are dealt with one face up and one face down. Royalty such as Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10 points while Ace can count as 1 or 11 your choice! If you are so luck to have 21 in your first deal you have Blackjack!

Three Card Poker

This is one of the fast growing card table games that will take storm very quickly! It offers multiple ways to play: Choose to bet against the dealer, bet on your hand and bet against the dealer. First all players must anti in and bet then each player including the dealer will receive their three cards. At this time any player can bet against the others or fold and forfeit the hand being played. It sounds more difficult than it really is and there are tons of variations to this one to ensure every one can have an amazing time.


If you are feeling pretty lucky feel free to try you luck at this guy, Roulette is pretty easy to play. The wheel is marked with numbers 1 – 36 and the symbols 0 and 00. The numbers are colored red and black and the 0 and 00 are green. Color and number combinations offer a variety of betting options for a wonderful night of gaming. Wagers can be placed on individual numbers or groups of numbers on the betting layout. When the ball comes to rest on the roulette wheel, the dealer places a marker on the winning number on the table layout and pays the winning bets. This is one of the table games that has been around forever as well and we don’t see this one leaving any time soon!


If you like fast paced and get a move on type of betting this is your game! Craps is a fast-paced, action-packed game using a pair of dice. Players place their bets, one player known as the shooter throws the dice. All wagers must be placed before the shooter throws the dice. The dice are passed to another shooter when the shooter 7 outs. Sounds pretty confusing right? Well it seems that you get the hang of pretty quickly because this came is played ever single night!