In October of 2015, XIN Gaming and Asia Gaming announced an exciting new partnership. Both companies are strong players in the online gambling game world and both exhibit a strong dedication to delivering high quality products to consumers. This partnership will see XIN products being distributed through Asia Gaming and its operators. It promises to bring a new level of distribution to XIN and specialized games to Asia Gaming. What does this mean for the industry? To understand why this is exciting news, the companies in question should be examined.

XIN Gaming has made a point of being aware of the importance of the local markets within the larger global business sphere. This up and coming company realized that games need to be personalized to their markets to be successful and decided to fill that niche. Keeping this idea in mind, the company has made a variety of slot games geared to various consumers and locales. There is, for example, a brightly coloured Chinese New Year game that exudes cheer and the seasonal red for good luck. There is also an anime inspired pirate game, which uses sound effects and animation to good effect.

XIN also is clearly dedicated to providing games that engage. The animation is crisp and colorful, the games lack the pixelated mediocrity of some of their competitors. Along with the vivid colors, the character faces have expression and the sound effects are in sync with the game play. The game mechanics are as smooth as the animation is crisp. While online slots are partially dependent on the user’s broadband speed, they also rely on good coding. XIN Gaming slot games run smoothly and the user interface is friendly and easy to understand. The combination of factors means that XIN is positioned to appeal to the local, global, experienced, and new to online gambling markets.

Asia Gaming is not much older than XIN, but the company is already making a mark in the industry. The company is taking the live casino experience to the internet masses via live dealer games with audio and video quality that is worthy of television. Players can access the game and dealer with any of their internet capable devices, whether that is a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The games are the most realistic out there, because the game is real. The players are interacting with a real dealer on a real casino floor. This allows players the fun of a casino without the crowding or travel. Asia Gaming is pressing the innovation further, now allowing players at the casino and players who are on devices elsewhere to play against each other. This is a boon for both sets of players as it increases the competition, the pool of winnings, and the fun.

Asia Gaming is not limited to dealer games, the company also has a variety of electronic slot games available. The games are not restricted to the newest and shiniest, Asia Gaming understands that sometimes customers want to play the tried and true classics so those games are provided as well. The shiny games are represented as well, with 3d animations and themed features.

Asia Gaming has become one of the largest platforms in their market, with content available on a number of the more successful Asian gambling sites. The company’s dedication to authenticity has struck a chord with consumers. The authenticity brings the appeal and the interactivity brings the staying power. Asia Gaming is a truly dynamic force in the field of online gambling.

The reason that the news of the new partnership between XIN Gaming and Asia Gaming is raising excitement should be clear. Companies and people within the industry will be eager to see how the ethos and character of each company plays off the other. This is a partnership that could bring a new level of excellence in localized gaming experiences to the online market. The partnership will bring XIN and Asia Gaming to new levels in the ever present struggle to innovate for a market where competition is the real name of the game. The distribution that Asia Gaming has to offer will bring the funds and exposure that XIN needs to go from up and coming to industry leader. XIN Gaming has the ever varying slot experience that Asia Gaming needs to further secure their place of prestige in online gambling.

The online gambling industry is not the only entity that will benefit from this partnership. The customers in Asia will be gaining a new level of fun in their gambling experience. The players of the already captivating live dealer games will be able to take a break and go play slots that will engage them. The fan of anime will have games that will entertain him, the holiday gambler will have thematically relevant slots available, and the tired player will find a soothing game that will rejuvenate his mind if he wants to continue at the tables.

The press release expresses the excitement that both companies felt at the partnership. The chief executives of both companies reinforced the message that the two companies share a common goal of excellence. The Asia Gaming operators should be excited for the new opportunities this partnership will bring and the consumers should be excited for the new fun that will be available to them.