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box24Box 24 Casino is a respected online casino gaming site featuring over 120 exciting games. These sleek and enticing offerings draw in casino connoisseurs from around the country because of their high payouts and visually stunning themes. Like a traditional casino, Box 24 offers a wide variety of game types, focusing on three of the most popular types of casino gaming. Table games like Roulette, Keno, Blackjack, Baccarat and, of course, four exciting types of poker, are available to play.

For those who prefer the timeless luxury of a classic slot layout, classically themed slots are available. Casino lovers who love the glitz, glamour and bright colors of themed slot machines will also be sure to love the site’s video slots, with over thirty offerings with a theme for every fan.

Box 24 Casino has worked with the leading provider of gaming software, Topgame Technology, to bring a first rate gaming experience to the people. The mission of the company is to provide a superior experience in both the use of the site and the enjoyment of the games, which is aided by Topgame’s technical innovations. The platform for player use is extremely friendly, and thanks to tireless work on the part of Topgame and Box 24, GLI and PCI security ensure that all player data is kept extremely secure and safe. Box 24 prides themselves on their focus on valuing players and creating a fair, service and support oriented online casino experience.

Secure transactions and secure data are among the keystones of Box 24 Casino’s thriving business model. Credit card data is stored server-side and protected by security features which include firewalls, a software that prevents hackers from stealing important personal data, and hardware with built in security features. By taking these precautions, Box 24 can shift focus to providing an engaging user experience with games that draw them in and leave them feeling mesmerized, with the same sense of magic that they felt the first time they ever walked into a casino.

Why Are Box 24 Games Engaging?

What sets the games at Box 24 Casino apart are their dynamic designs. Users do not merely sit in front of their computer and play a game, their senses of sight and sound are fully engaged with music, game audio and seamless, flawless graphic art. Games visuals are crisp, clear and have dimension and shadow, with eye catching illustrations to delight the home gamer. Audio is not poor quality or tinny, instead the sounds evoke the same tones and pitches of those used in actual casino gaming. This immersive experience is crucial to the long term success and player enjoyment of the casino.

The realistic illustrations and animations of the site’s 11 table games are a huge draw for classic casino high rollers who love the comfort of playing in their own home. They are able to immerse themselves in the high stakes, adrenaline driven setting of a Blackjack table or a Roulette wheel. Video slots with seasonal, gaming, nature, travel and other exciting themes remind fun young players of nights spent under sparkling casino lights enjoying cocktails with friends. Finally, for the serious poker player, four types of video poker are available in an immersive and user friendly game that incorporates illustrations without sacrificing game play area.

What Kinds Of Games Are Available At Box 24 Casino?

As previously established, a wide range of games are available for play at the online casino. Video poker fans can enjoy Deuces and Joker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker. Options to play between 1 and 25 hands are available, as well as the option to double up. Three kinds of roulette are available for table game fans, including Swipe Roulette, Electronic Roulette and Roulette Crystal. Casino enthusiasts who enjoy a good game of blackjack will be happy to know that there are two blackjack games available: Royale Blackjack, and, for the more advanced player, Multi Hand Blackjack. Keno, a classic social casino game, is also available for play, as is a miniaturized version of Baccarat, a beloved casino game.

Some casino fans truly love the classics, and they’ll find themselves at home among the 28 classic slot games featured at Box 24 Casino. With a variety of well loved, colorful and fun themes and many play options to maximize payouts, these classic three reel shots are sure to be a hit among older players. Theme options include:

  • Bankroll Reload, a traditional gold and sepia slot game perfect for classic players
  • Berry Flavors, a fun summer slot game with green leaves, melons and berries
  • Big Bang, a modernized take on classic slots with more dramatic, bold graphics
  • Bingo Slot, a cute, engaging game modeled after the popular crowd favorite
  • Black Diamond, a sleek silver slot game set on a lovely natural sky background
  • Crazy Pizza, a quirky, food themed slot game
  • Diamonds are Forever, a classy dark blue and diamond theme perfect for lady players
  • Fruit Slot, a delicious fruit themed game with kiwis, cherries, pineapple and more
  • Red Chili Hunter, a slot game with a southwestern theme and warm, traditional Mission colors
  • Red White Blue, a flag themed game perfect for the patriotic American gamer
  • Russian Attack, a spy themed game with bold black and red accents
  • Treasures of Pharaos, a classic Egyptian themed slot game
  • Tropical Punch, an island themed game featuring fun, bright summery graphics
  • Tropical Punch Night Dream, a game themed after a moonlit island night
  • Wild Sevens, a classic slot machine done in traditional Americana design

Box 24 Casino is also pleased to offer video slots, the modern five reel slots popular with players young and old. Available in 36 different themes, these slots are sure to surprise and delight the senses and the pocketbook. Some of the themes are congruent with those offered in the traditional three reel slots, including:

  • Bingo Slot
  • Black Diamond
  • Fruit Slot
  • Treasures of Pharaos
  • Wild Sevens

The other themes available are unique to the video slots section of Box 24. These include:

  • Graveyard Shift, a spooky slot game
  • Orbital Mining, slots with an intergalactic alien theme
  • New Tales Of Egypt, a spin on Egyptian themed slots with bright, jewel toned graphics
  • Ducks ‘n’ Eggs, an animal themed slot
  • Religion Of Champions Brasil, a Brazilian soccer themed slot game
  • Tales of Egypt, a classic, bold, clean cut Egyptian themed game
  • Glorious Rome, slots modeled after the ancient society
  • Great Reef, an underwater slot game
  • Summer Party, a fun poolside themed slot
  • Dice and Fire, featuring a card game theme
  • Voyager’s Quest, an adventure themed game
  • Sugar Rush, a bright, fun game in feminine colors
  • Crazy Jungle, a jungle themed slot with animals and fruit
  • Carnival of Venice, a Venetian themed slot game with bright masks and bold colors
  • Transylvania, a spooky slot game inspired by horror legends
  • Diablo, an occult themed game
  • Witches Cauldron, a magic themed slot
  • Lucky Number, a bright, modern take on traditional slot graphics
  • Grave Grabbers, a spooky ghost themed game
  • Ocean Fantasy, a detailed and colorful ocean themed slot
  • Shia Safavids Treasure, an adventure and treasure hunting themed slot game
  • Forest Treasure, a forest styled adventure themed slot
  • Sweets Surprise, a themed slot featuring cakes, cupcakes, pies and more in pretty pink colors
  • Cool Stone Age, a stone age themed game with caves and dinosaurs
  • Lucky Fishing, a slot game inspired by anglers
  • Bee Land, a fun Spring-themed slot with bright graphics, insects and flowers
  • Daytona Gold, a slot perfect for racing lovers
  • Mad Orchestra, a music themed slot game
  • Reel Gangsters, slots with a mafia theme
  • Viking and Striking, a medieval viking themed game

What Kinds Of Bonuses Are Available To Box 24 Casino Users?

In order to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience possible, Box 24 offers a multitude of bonus promotions to players. When a new player downloads the casino software, they are prompted to open an account. When they do this, they will automatically be credited $25 by Box 24, with no additional deposit required.

The first time the player makes a deposit into their casino account in an amount ranging from $25 to $1000, Box 24 will give a 200% match bonus up to $1000. This triples the player’s deposit if they deposit wisely. The second time a player makes a deposit in that range, they will receive a 100% match bonus up to $1000, again, offering the potential for the player to double their money. The third deposit comes with a 50% match bonus up to $200 on deposits between $25 and $200, and the fourth has a 100% match bonus up to $200 on deposits in that same range.

Daily offers are available to casino users, and rotating promotions are constantly available to entice users to participate and increase their winnings. Additionally, Box 24 Casino holds grand online casino tournaments and deposit raffles. Currently, a raffle is being held for a Monterey 295 SY Cruiser yacht. A minimum deposit of $100 into a player’s casino account is necessary to participate in the raffle, but higher denominations of money deposited at once will result in a greater amount of tickets being awarded. Tournaments largely revolve around all time high scores and high stakes games, with tournaments based around the site’s newer game additions also being commonplace.

High Rollers Earn Special Perks at the Red Velvet Lounge

For Box 24 players who log in regularly, play frequently and have high payouts, cash-outs and deposits, the Red Velvet Lounge is available to provide special VIP perks. One of these perks is a 5% RedBox bonus which is deposited on the first of every month based on deposits and cash-outs. Weekly Play Bonus Offers which allow the player to claim free game play up to $2500 take place Monday through Thursday with a 50% Match Play Bonus available on the player’s first five deposits between $25 and $1000. For weekenders, Weekend Play Bonus Offers are also available with a free 100% match play bonus that could reach a staggering $10,000. Again, a match play bonus of 100% is available on the player’s first five $25-$100 deposits.

In addition to these awesome perks, regular players receive a $10 credit to their casino account every Friday as long as they have made a deposit between the following Friday and the Thursday preceding that given day. The deposit must be a minimum of $100 and must not be tied to any other Box 24 Casino promotions. Finally, every month, players are offered a Monthly Reload Bonus of 100%, up to $500- for a regular player, these bonuses could be tailored to be very financially advantageous.

But What About The Money?

Unlike some online casinos, Box 24 offers a variety of convenient ways to both load your account and cash out your winnings. Deposits can be made using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card as well as via Easy Debit, an online wallet site; E-Check, an ACH bank transfer site; Money Transfers, a funds transferring site; or Bank Wire, a site for wire transfers. Cash outs can also be done through E-Check and Bank Wire, as well as through a paper check for a minimum of $300. Paper checks require a $20 delivery fee and will arrive in a maximum of 12 business days. As always, the security and privacy of players is paramount to Box 24, so no casino or gambling terms will ever display on a bank statement.