Online Bingo vs Traditional Bingo

Online games are good source of entertainment at present time. Development in the field of internet technology made it possible for the people to play any game online while sitting at their homes. Bingo is a game that is played on internet in several countries. In the year of 2006 total estimated gaming yield was around $500 for the whole world. Traditional bingo game is different from online bingo. Earlier in this game balls were used where as at present random digit generator is used. There are different types of this game. The first one is bingo hall that is usually played in North America. In this version there is combination of 75 balls arranged as 5*5 cards and square at the centre is set free. Player can achieve desired pattern by 75 balls through set strategies.

Know About Bingo

The main aim of bingo game is to attain desired pattern by marking off numbers. In the countries like South America, Australia and Europe bingo game is played using 90-balls. Balls are arranged on the 9*3 cards. There are 3 horizontal lines along with 9 columns. In each line there are 5 numbers means for each card there are 15 numbers. In 1st column 1-9 numbers are present, in 2nd column 10-19 numbers are present, in 3rd column 20-29 numbers are present and so on.

Launching Of Online Bingo

In 1996, online bingo game was launched with the name “Bingo Zone”. Web users who wish to play the game have to fill some of demographic details and then proceed further. Bingo Blitz was another version of bingo game launched in the year of 1998. JavaScript and Adobe Flash are operators for this game through which any web user can play immediately after registering as player account. If player wants to win bigger prize then he or she should fund the player account. The online bingo does not involve any gambling and hence anyone can win small prize easily. The common method for providing fund in online bingo is e-wallet. Auto-daub is an optional feature in the online version that robotically marks off digits on cards thus making the game easy for players.

Bingo has been around for centuries, and you can play the game in bingo parlors to this day. The game has gone online like all other forms of gambling, but the two games are a bit difference. You must choose between the two to take up your time, and you need to understand how each game is played. This article explains to major differences between these two games to help you make your decision.

#1: The Old Game

The old version of bingo packs many people into a large hall with cards. Each card is completely different, but they all are designed with five rows and five columns. The card has a unique set of numbers and letters that you will fill in as you play. The bingo caller takes the bingo balls out of a hopper, they announce the letter/number and you mark your card accordingly.

#2: It Is Left To Chance

Bingo is a game of chance, and you may not see the combinations called on your card. You could sit at the table for several minutes before you get a combination that is called, and you are waiting for these combinations to come up in a row of five. You are counting on the luck of the draw to help you win, and you cannot use any strategy to win the game.

#3: It Is Like Roulette

Roulette is a game that is remarkably similar to bingo. You have not control over where the balls will bounce, and you can only bet on what you see. You are trusting the game with your money, and you are taking a chance with your bets. You will never know if you are going to win, and the excitement of the game comes from not knowing what will happen next.

#4: Online Games

Online games of bingo are run much like the traditional games you play in a hall, but you are not filling your card in yourself. The online version of the game can be played without any human interaction at all, or you can chat with your friends while your card is filled in.

The online game moves very fast, and you can win or lose a good bit of money in a hurry. You need to look after your cards carefully to ensure that you are not missing what is happening in the game. Your careful attention to what happens in the game is going to allow you to bet properly.

#5: Betting On The Game

You are betting on getting bingo before everyone else at the game. You will call out BINGO when you win, but you do not do anything of the sort online. The winner is awarded prize money from that game, and you re asked if you want to play again.

Online bingo games allow you to bet on who will win, the shapes you may make on your card or the letters that you will cover the most on your card. The varied betting in the online game requires more strategy, and you need to ensure that you have thought about your bets carefully before placing them. People who are moving too quickly will lose money because they are not thinking about what they are doing.

#6: Complicated Bingo

Countries in South America play a form of bingo that is much more complex than the traditional American game. Traditional American bingo uses a five by five card to keep the game short. South American bingo games are expanded to cards that measure nine by three.

These games use the number in sequence. You will see one of each number on your card, but someone else will have a completely different arrangement of these numbers. The numbers are called in the normal manner, but you are waiting to find three numbers in a row that stretch across your card. This card is much more difficult because of the construction of the cards.

Playing these complex games online allows the games to last longer, and you can bet on several props associated with the game. You may bet on the shape of the line you create, and you can bet on how many balls will be used before someone wins.

#7: Online Bingo Parlors

Online bingo parlors are powered by Adobe or Java software that makes the website respond immediately to all input. You get a smooth gaming experience when you play on a site of this type, but you must choose the one that provides you with the most variety. There are several bingo sites you may play, but you must make sure that the website you play on allows for a betting style you prefer.

#8: Loading Your Account

You need to get your account going before you start playing. Your online account allows you to load your wallet with money to play a new round of bingo. These accounts alert you of new games that come to the website, or you can receive text alerts from the site about new specials.

#9: Play Aggressively

You can make a good bit of money on a bingo website if you are betting aggressively. Aggressive betting in bingo involves your determination to hit something during the game. You cannot control who wins the game, but you can use probability to learn which props will pay out the most. Betting on props gives you better odds than betting on the game, and you can use the probability of the success of other players to place your bets.

#10: Take Your Time

People often play traditional bingo because they enjoy how slow the game is. You can slow down a game of bingo online by using the game controls offered on the site. Many bingo websites allow you to spin the hopper before a new ball is chosen, and you can make wise decisions if you spin the hopper slowly. Online bingo parlors allow you to place prop bets during the course of the game for more even odds. You may realize that you can hit a prop bet based on turns that have already been taken. Place these bets carefully during the game to make more money even if you do not win.

#11: Online Security

Online bingo parlors use security in the same way online casinos do. Your personal and financial information is hidden behind the blanket of a secure server, and you can trust the bingo parlor to protect the information you provide. Your banking information is offered to the site to reload your account, but you can change the account you use at any time.

#12: Support

Online bingo games must be certified fair by an independent agency. These games are supposed to be random, and you will notice if the games are not random. Submit any complaints about fair play to the customer support team. The customer support team also has access to your account information to resolve problems.

Customer support for these sites should be open around the clock for your convenience. You can call these websites, and the most advanced websites have chat windows open for you. Your problems can be resolved quickly using these methods.

#13: The Choice

You can choose between traditional and online bingo based on your personal preferences. Traditional bingo allows you to speak with your friends, play the game slowly and win prizes. Online bingo is a live chat room that allows you to get through the game quickly. Online bingo allows you more betting options, and you can place prop bets based on what other players do. The options are endless online, but the game can be lonely as you play at your computer.

Use the suggestions in this article to select the version of the game you prefer. Bingo helps you get your gambling fix without much pressure.