This year, the EiG iGaming Conference, which is the world’s leading iGaming event will be held in Berlin, Germany. This year’s conference is a highly anticipated one, and preparations are currently underway and in top gear.Leading professionals and in the iGaming world are expected to attend the conference that features on an annual basis. Overall, it is expected that roughly one thousand and five hundred delegates shall be in attendance which will be held from Tuesday the twentieth to Thursday the twenty-second of October. The three-day event shall offer those in attendance a platform to engage the industry leaders and learn from them.

Basically, the EiG iGaming Conference provides a platform for the attending delegates to network, exchange ideas, explore, think, learn and share. Additionally, the event seeks to bring together investors, software publishers, mobile gaming experts, online gambling operators as well as every other relevant profession. The delegates deliberate on better business practices so as to address and allow efficient engagement with clients and all relevant partners. Ultimately, it is aimed that courtesy to the forum, iGaming will gain relevance and appeal more to the user. For the very first time, this year’s conference is expected to draw together the full iGaming ecosystem and as such, the impact is expected to be huger than ever before.

The EiG iGaming Conference has experienced exponentiation every year it has featured. After the 2013 event, many changes were made in line with the need to grow and improve the amount of impact the conference has. These changes have seen borne tangible fruit. Last year’s conference is believed to have been the biggest ever in the conference’s history courtesy of the improvements availed with the post-2013-conference changes. This year, it is anticipated that the event will be even bigger; and Berlin presents such a viable venue.

Eric Olders, who is the Chief Executive at JVH Gaming, maintains that no other venue matches the viability of Berlin for this year’s conference. Arena Berlin in Germany’s Berlin is a central venue that provides an open environment for creativity and innovation. The venue is a very inspirational one and is expected to favor the conference in terms of the expected outcomes. For the three days, the delegates will be hosted in various facilities in Berlin.
One other aspect that makes Berlin a very viable venue is the fact that the same day the conference ends on October the twenty-second marks the commencement of another very important conference in the same city. The Berlin Affiliate Conference (BAC) will commence its conference at the Berlin Expo Centre. This will be an opportunity to attract delegates from the BAC convention who could be interested in the EiG iGaming Conference. This will eventually widen the event’s reach and the ultimate impact thereof.

Every year during the conference, there are discussion sessions during which the attendees get a chance to indulge and deliberate on particular topics availed. During this year’s event, one of the main themes will be the integration of eSports with gambling. As such, one of the keynote speakers will come from the field of eSports. Other topics to be discussed include how best to utilize new devices in gaming and getting the best out of mobile devices and such new devices. The evolution towards an Omni-channel customer experience shall be another discussion topic. The best models of “best practice”for entering emerging markets as well as whether consolidation is a good thing or a bad thing for theusers and the industry as a whole shall also be discussed.

The EiG iGaming Conference this year shall draw its keynote speakers from a variety of gaming disciplines in the world of iGaming. These will include the chairman of William Hill Casino, Gareth Davis who is sufficiently versed inthe eSports discipline. Robin Chhabra (also from William Hill online casino) is the head of strategy at the casino, and his input shall be essential. Liam Wallwork, who has been the director of Gaming at Betfair for quite a while, will also be part of the panel. Holland’s biggest land casino’s chief executive, Eric Oldersand the Chief of Data at Betsson, Steven Plimbett shall also be part of the panel during the conference among many others.Other keynote speakers not directly involved in the gaming and gambling industry include; Andreas Hoffman who is the Senior Director of Publishing at Samsung, the Head of Digital operations at ITV News Jason Mills plus a host of speakers from other related industries.

Apart from offering a platform to discuss matters concerningiGaming, this year’s conference aims at introducing a platform for startups with the potential but lack funding to showcase. The theme revolves around helping iGaming professionals to work together as partners rather than competitors for the ultimate advantage of all the stakeholders and the clients as well. Startup village is an innovation program by EiG,which is aimed at recognizing and nurturing startups. The competition has been running for a while and was closed at the end of August so as to pave way for the conference. The five top startups from the competition shall have an opportunity to present during the conference.

There shall also be several other presentations from several other companies during this year’s event. These include; Gamevy, (they bring TV Gameshows online in combination with huge jackpots), online casino software experts Playtech, Microgaming and iSoftBet and for the first time, Golden Race (they provide virtual football and pre-recorded video race solutions) shall exhibit.There shall also be social events during the three-day conference apart from the discussion forums.