Upon hearing the words “aristocrat” and “casino” in the same sentence, you might think people were talking about some member of global high society playing in a top gaming emporium. If the word “app” was added to the sentence, some might have impressions of an aristocrat gaming on a mobile device while awaiting an important meeting. Actually, when all these words are mentioned in the same breath, what people really are talking about is the new coming from online game supplier Aristocrat about the expansion of its mobile reach. This expansion comes in the form of an innovative, novel new app.

Aristocrat might not be the biggest name in the world of mobile gaming, but all that could change if the company strikes gold with apps the gaming public is interested in trying out. With the new release, Aristocrat may have a new hit on its hands in the form of additions to the “Heart of Vegas” app.

The Heart of Vegas’ New Slots Arrive

The Heart of Vegas app now boasts a redevelopment of eleven slot titles formerly known as being land-based. These classic slot games are going to be presented as free online slot games. This way, fans of slot gaming can enjoy the experience of the games in a virtual manner without having to risk any money to do so.

Fans of free slot gaming platforms will be pleased to know even more games are to follow the eleven currently available. While there are a lot of decent slot games designed exclusively for the virtual world, ones based on slots found in brick-and-mortar casinos are incredibly fun to play. This is thanks to the brilliance that goes into their design and development. All of this can now be experienced via mobile online gaming thanks to the hard work of the developers and designers at Aristocrat.

Crossing Various Platforms

Would-be players should feel limited in any way in terms of what type of platform to use. No one needs to feel “stuck” with one particular platform at the exclusion of a preferred other one. The system will cross over a multi-platform landscape. A customer who purchases one – just one – account can access the various different platforms. In plain English, no one has to buy one account for Facebook and then another for Android and yet another for iOS. All-inclusive means all-inclusive. One account covers each and every other platform available on the Heart of Vegas landscape.

The inclusion of Android is considered very positive news. At one point, Android was not part of the social and mobile gaming in the Aristocrat world. Aristocrat, a subsidy of Product Madness, has designed a number of expansion plans. One of those plans was to expand into the land of the Android operating system.

Growth, Expansion, and Profits

Heart of Vegas has been quietly and not-so-quietly expanding its sphere of influence. Heart of Vegas has been a huge hit for the company since making a debut way back in July of 2013. Right now, Aristocrat’s Heart of Vegas is considered one of the top social casino app entities in the industry. The numbers tell the whole tale in this regards. Heart of Vegas is one of the top 15 grossing apps in the United States out of every single one that was produced. Of all the social casino apps, the figure is even more impressive. Heart of Vegas is in the top five.

Nothing speaks to the huge success of any endeavor than a windfall of profits combined with great popularity among consumers. Heart of Vegas wins on all these criteria. Surely, this means one thing and one thing only. Heart of Vegas is going to go “full charge ahead” and look to expand to more and more platforms. Work is probably being done to develop even more casino slot games. Why would Heart of Vegas curtail itself if things are working so well?

The Past History of Successful Expansion

Just as current dollar and sales figures point to recent success, a look back at the past actions shows how Aristocrat very successful engineered the arrival of the company’s apps on numerous platforms via a gradual process.

Originally, Aristocrat achieved expansion success through the release of the Heart of Vegas games. The games made their debut on Facebook back in 2013 and remained exclusively on Facebook for about one year. A little over a year later, Heart of Vegas found its way to iPad. An iPhone version eventually followed.

The newest addition to the family of compatible landscapes and platforms is Android. This opens the door to a lot of Aristocrat games Android were not able to access. Today, Android users can become fans and players of a litany of slot games through the new availability to Aristocrat.

The Brave and Bold Future

Social casino apps are incredibly appealing to mobile gaming fans and this is why more of these games are sure to emerge in the future. Developers are hard at work seemingly around the clock. Since the demand for great gaming apps is perennially strong, entities that develop the apps are always going to be in good shape. Aristocrat is going to ride all this boosted popularity with Heart of Vegas and other apps for a long time.