2015 has been a crazy year! Those gambling on the stock market lost big and won big, and those gambling in other arenas of life likewise took their chances. The fact is, future outcomes are entirely unpredictable, and statistical analysis doesn’t take into account the “human” elements which under-gird existence. It may be a one in a million chance to win the lottery; but sometimes an individual has been able to acquire such wealth through purchase of a single ticket. Granted the chances of such instances are necessarily rare; but that doesn’t mean such things do not happen. Sometimes it makes sense to play the odds. The truth is, such things as “winning streaks” exist; because existence isn’t as mechanistic and utilitarian as the higher-ups would like us to believe. That’s probably because many of the higher-ups attained their position through no real means, but through either the guidance of a supreme deity, luck, or inheritance. Of course they’ve got a vested interest in ensuring they stay at the top!

Slot machines are often descried as useless, but there are promotions available which can make playing them for a certain season exceptionally recommendable. Currently, such a season is going on while you read these words. As October quickly comes to a close and November takes over the Autumn climate, slot machine enthusiasts all over the place become exceptionally excited. The reason they become excited is because of a program called bet365. Most slot machine enthusiasts have an account of some calibre with bet365. For those that don’t have an account with bet365, below will be a bevy of reasons why opening such an account in the near future is a great idea.

First and foremost, the operator in charge of bet365 will be giving out £1,000,000 throughout the end of October, and the beginning of November. In a society where £10,000 can get you through the year in comfortable health (provided you’re a good steward of resources), £1,000,000 pounds is positively a boon! That’s like a hundred years’ stress-free living–for the individual who knows how to manage their assets! Of course, with bet365’s promotion, £1,000,000 isn’t being given out to individual winners; it’s the total amount of prize money being dispensed between multiple winners. And while this means you can’t have that lump sum in your bank account any time soon, it also means that you will have multiple opportunities to win large sums of money.

So how does one get involved in said promotion, and thus acquire a chance at winning? Well, this particular promotion actually began about week ago, on October 19th. Players who already had accounts, or were in the know, were lucky enough to get their fingers into a significant portion of this substantial sum. Just to be clear, too: bet365 is guaranteeing £1,000,000 in payouts over this period between October and November. Winners will be chosen.

Every single week there are going to be two separate draws, and a ubiquity of slot machines the dozens. Opportunities for slot machine enthusiasts to get a hand in on this £1,000,000 will abound, and those who hear about this promotion should pay close attention. It’s easy enough to visit the OCR forum for details and a schedule in more in-depth terms. You can schedule your gaming accordingly, and thus maximize the potential for winning.

Beginning Monday the 19th of October, this program got rolling. There were four qualifying slot machines; all of which were able to give players numerous chances at actually winning. Furthermore, the jackpot on these machines is of the progressive variety; meaning that winnings compound! An individual who wagers ten pounds receives several tickets for draws that are upcoming. The first of these draws were on the 23rd and 26th of October. The next draw is in two days, on Friday the 30th. From there draws will be November the 2nd, the 6th, the 9th, 13th, and 16th; after which point the £1,000,000 giveaway will be entirely complete.

Oz SA and six other games are what players should primarily focus on until the second of November. At that time the process will repeat, and the lineup will be changed. Said process repeats yet once more on November the 9th.

The day before the last draw takes place, this £1,000,000 giveaway will come to an end. That day is November the 15th–if you haven’t signed up with bet365 by then, you’ll be out of luck until the next rotation cycles through. With two qualifying rounds every single week throughout the campaign, there are indeed many chances to win, and as you read this there is still time to sign up and get a chance at substantial sums of money. Furthermore, there are literally hundreds of slot machines to choose from with bet365. These machines have an extremely substantial range. For slot machine enthusiasts who are interested in cutting-edge slot machine excitement, the latest five offerings are available in the “reel” division. But that doesn’t exclude classic “three reel” slots–though it should be noted not all the slot machines maintained by bet365 are actually machines which qualify for the £1,000,000 giveaway promotion. That wouldn’t make sense, as it would decrease the probability of those who’ve signed up winning any time soon.

For the primacy of machines, slot machine enthusiasts are given a chance to get prize draw tickets whenever ten pounds is wagered. It is selective slot machines that result in two entries; but the upshot of the deal is that with each ticket acquired, the chances of winning positively compound There’s no reason to wait; are you still reading? For goodness sake, there are hundreds of thousands of pounds on the table! Sign up with bet365 and get in on that!