Alladin’s Gold Casino News

Aladdin’s Gold Casino will be awarded their customers with two hundred percent on every deposit that is made within the next seven days. That deal sure is hard to beat. With promotions and bargains like this one it is easy to see why so many people have been flocking to Aladdin’s Gold Casino. Users who are interested can easily download a version of the casino games so that they can play with real players whenever they wish. Players can enjoy laying down their cash against real players from across the nation and across the globe. Do not delay in downloading this software.

Trust Your Cold Hard Cash With A Trusted Online Casino

Aladdin’s Gold Casino takes great pride in promoting a place where fair gaming is always practiced. Their secure systems keep user information private like it should be. Since 2005 Aladdin’s Gold Casino has been rocking the web with video slots, video poker, and all of your other favorite gaming options. Why settle for less when you could be gaming with the very best? Aladdin’s Gold Casino has earned their rock solid reputation. There is a large variety of gaming options at Aladdin’s Gold Casino to choose from. The hardest part may be choosing which game you want to try your hand at first.

Customer Service And Support When you Need It Most

The customer service and support team for Aladdin’s Gold Casino is always ready and willing to take your questions. The Aladdin’s Gold Casino tracks your games from start to finish. If you get disconnected you do not have to worry about losing your game status. You can pick up right where you left off. The Aladdin’s Gold Casino is easy to install and easy to use. You will be enjoying all of your favorite casino games before you know it. The download time is quick and the installation process is painless. Do not delay in downloading this software. Flash games from this computer are even compatible with loyal Mac users. Get ready for all of the thrills and chills of a real casino right from your computer chair.

#1: The Homepage

The homepage at Aladdin’s Gold is a single page that you do not scroll. Aladdin greets you with his larger than life image, and he invites you to get started at the casino in a number of ways. The homepage takes you to previews for the games, a download of their software, the entrance to the casino and every important tab you need. The homepage at Aladdin’s Gold is the most functional of any online casino you will see.

#2: Preview The Games

The bottom left door below Aladdin is a place where you can preview the games featured on the site. There are many games on the site, and you get a glimpse of what it is like to play them. So many players are concerned about the quality of the games they will find. You do not want to be stuck with an account at a casino that you do not enjoy, and Aladdin invited you in to see what the games re all about. You can confirm that the games are enjoyable for you, and you can leave the previews at any time to sign up to join the casino.

#3: Download The Software

Aladdin encourages you to download the software for his casino before you get started. The software will allow you to play the games on the site at your computer. You do not need to go online when you are using the software, and your data will sync with the website when you finally connect.

The software does not take up much space on your computer, and it runs just as fast as the website. You will have a window on your computer that looks just like the casino you find online, and you can leave the window open for as long as you want. The advantage of the software is in its convenience. The software runs in the background while you do work during the day, and you can play the games when you take a break without refreshing the page.

#4: Instant Play

There is a button at the top left of the homepage that takes you the instant play version of the casino. You can play the same games on the website that you play with the software. You will play in real-time with others who are on the site, and you will have a direct connection to the site to reload your account. Instant play is much better for people who are planning on playing for only a moment before signing off. The instant play button works well on mobile devices, and you play on the move without stopping. People on buses, planes, trains and in cars can play at Aladdin’s Gold without stopping for anything.

#5: The Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus at Aladdin’s Gold is 200% for the first seven days you belong to the site. Every deposit you make is doubled, and you can spend the first seven days building up your account. Your bonus money is used to play games and win real cash. Your money is divided between the bonuses and real cash in your account, and you can review how much money you have in your account at any time.

You deposit money in your account using your credit card of bank account. The information give to Aladdin’s cashier helps you reload your account at any time. Aladdin uses a secure server to protect your private information, and you can turn off alerts from the site if you like. You must use the cashier’s window to put money in your account, and you can click on the cashier’s window at any time to reload your account.

#6: The Jackpots

The jackpots won on the site are featured at the bottom of the homepage for your perusal. These jackpots are motivating to many players, and you can see how much people are really winning. You likely have standards for the kind of money you can win, and the jackpot window is going to show you what you can expect to win if you get lucky.

#7: Play The Games

Aladdin’s Gold is a hodgepodge of electronic and traditional casino games that make your casino experience more enjoyable. The electronic games include slot machines and video poker. The video poker games look just like video poker you play in outposts around the country, and the slot machines come in more styles than you can possibly play.

Video poker has different rules than traditional poker, and you can learn on simple video poker games that will help you learn. Some of these games allow you to play in free mode, and you may progress to more complex games in the future.

Slot machines are much more varied on the site. There are thousands of slot machines the world over that you can enjoy, and Aladdin has includes hundreds of them in his casino. You can find a slot machine that you believe is worth playing, and you may play the slot to your heart’s content.

#8: Promotions

Aladdin hosts promotions for every game on the site at one time or another. These promotions allow you to win extra money playing the games you enjoy, or you can introduce yourself to new games because of the promotions. These promotions offer special jackpots that will pay out even more money than normal.

#9: Call Them

Aladdin allows you to call his staff at any time with the phone number listed in the upper left corner of the homepage. This phone number takes you directly to someone who can answer your questions or allay your concerns. Many players prefer to resolve their differences over the phone, and you can explain your issues to someone behind the scenes at the casino.

#10: Chat Support

You may click on the support tab at the top of the homepage to get in touch with someone through a chat window. The chat window allows you to start a conversation with one of the customer service agents, and you can resolve your problems without hopping on the phone. The live chat window allows you to talk to someone while you are playing a game, and you can feed information to the customer service agent while you are playing.

#11: The Music

The music that accompanies Aladdin’s Gold Casino is Middle Eastern in nature. The casino makes you feel like you are playing in the middle of a market at the busiest time of the day. People who gambled in Aladdin’s day played in these market, and his atmosphere feels much the same way. You can turn the music off if you do not want to hear it, but the music can add to your gameplay in a way that silence cannot.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino drops you in the middle of a Middle Eastern scene that gives you gameplay you cannot get in other places. Aladdin’s combination of games features the most popular games online today. You can preview his games with a simple look through the first door on his homepage, or you can download the software immediately to get started. Video poker and slot machines await you behind the doors of this casino that combines a Middle Eastern feeling with 21st Century gaming. Load your account to get started today, spend your first seven days building up your bonuses and play as much as you like. Their website and software allow you access to Aladdin’s game design.